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风暴 Firestorm (2013)

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This movie launched in Malaysia on 12th of December, 2013. Before the movie launch date, Andy Lau and Gordon Lam actually came in Malaysia and promote this film, in the end it create huge crowd to only see Andy Lau in real person. Beware, I will post some spoiler in this post, please beware about it.

Personally I think the ending was kind of surreal and it turn out quite bad, [spoiler] the heavy explosion happen at Central (中环) of Hong Kong is kind of overrated. Many cops got "defeated" while engage firing with only five scoundrels (forgot got how many person), it is like "Counter Strike" campaign mode. Main conclusion about this movie: the bad guy is always stronger than Cops/Justice.

Beginning was kinda lovely and full of hopes, because it is talking about Gordon just release from prison and his girlfriend seriously plan to live a new life with him. At the middle of the movie, Gordon involve in crime activities and cops got no enough evidence to charge him either. One of the good point in this movie is about Gordon and Andy is a good buddy in high-school, and Andy seriously plan to make Gordon to help him to capture the culprit.

Andy and other cops colleague facing problem because part of the important "evidences" got destroyed.
I think that majority of cops vs bad guy film, cops always win but at the end cops side will have tons of injury too. In Firestorm movie, this time the cops side seems to lost lots of comrade and Central got exploded (which is why I say is kind of surreal).

风暴 Firestorm list of casts: link

My rating: 5/10
What I think was: it is no harm to buy movie ticket and watch it in cinema, some scenes really got your nerve and you still can talk loads of things about this movie. Andy Lau in this movie got minor kick & punch scene with Gordon Lam, sadly it only appear at one part of the movie. The ending part basically is firing machine gun, throwing bunch of explosive in the big city of Hong Kong, then the Negotiator only appear at the very late timing too.

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  1. I quite like it purely and solely on the entertaining factor of action though logic sucks real bad. Wish Andy Lau was more like Jacky Chan and can produce out some really entertaining fight scenes but he did good enough. XD

  2. hahahahah
    No comments about the movie . Afterall, is AndyLau. lol

    from FrankieRoseUni

  3. lol after reading your review macam it's not really worth it to watch in cinema hahaha

  4. i kinda like andy's role in this movie... :))


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