Saturday, February 26, 2011

About Me Using Twitter and Whale

Ok picture above looks like I am selling some MLM stuff and so on, well . . . I am not selling MLM things ok?

Wording below is type through from my mind, I cant really control the grammar error, please forgive me ok?

This whale had been showed up on twitter since half and hour ago until now, it shows that why I am so addict into twitter, keep on pressing F5 keyboard button and giving a dam big hope, and it is part of the blog traffic is from twitter too.

Why I so addict into twitter? Yep Twitter is one of the tool for me to communicate with my friends and most of the time I will help others blogger to retweet the tweet. Most of the retweeted tweet is blog url. And we're like helping each other to build more traffic for their blog and for my own blog too!

To Whale from Twitter, please . . . while you jump up, remember to go back down in to the sea alright, my eye starting itching while I saw your picture stuck on my screen! Please Jump to the other way! Whale Stories . . .

If you read Twitter History and the creation of Twitter, you will found something useful too!
I am more to promoting myself and my own blog and conversational user of twitter.

Can you stand like . . . there is alot of random follower which is alot of same specific description! Well your Bot Setting is dam fail alright? 4 of them Name also VERY FAIL!

Whenever I saw some spam or useless promote I will block straight away and fucking ignore it because it is so dam annoying! Example: "Dennis Look at this (link) tag along with other twitter user" I will reply "Your Mother is Dennis" and too bad it cant reply me because majority of them got Zero Followers and Zero Following with 300+ Tweets mostly babbling "Dennis" or "Mary". LOL that was awful! Please Do not click those link or else your computer have bigger chances to infect virus or trojan.

Most of the people like pointless babble on twitter and fill up the user mood and entertain themselves. However I don't really follow them because I am more to conversational user.

Remember, use Twitter wisely and feel free to retweet some of the interesting bloglink and meet more new friend alright? ADIOS!

By Kian Fai

Thursday, February 24, 2011

TRUE GRIT (2011)

Thanks to Time Out KL, I got the Movie Ticket by retweeting their Tweet. True Grit, in my opinion I can catch the meaning of this movie, and this Movie actually release late in Malaysia.
Not a very bad movie and the point is a girl just want to revenge for her father and hire a Marshal to chase down the person who killed her father.

TRUE GRIT Movie Poster.

Jeff Bridges as Rooster Cogburn. (You know if you google his name, you will found out this person have act alots of movie, have fun searching it.)

Matt Damon as LaBoeuf

Hailee Steinfeld as Mattie Ross

Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney

So this movie do have some unexpected scene and this movie overall was not bad.
And the ending part it's slightly sad but the movie do have some jokes fill up inside this movie.

Rate 6/10

So if you guys want to watch this movie, go ahead ya?

By Kian Fai

Monday, February 21, 2011

I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch

Hi there, so I've plan to blog about this movie contest called "Sucker Punch", contest posted by NuffnangMY.

Sucker Punch Trailer

Question: Write a blog post titled “I’ve Got the Power with Sucker Punch”, and tell us what you would do to escape if you were held against your will with Babydoll and her team.

Answer: For me, I'm more on "Tanker" Type and I will always put myself in the first place and let the girls find the enemy weak point and let them crush it. Got it? Which means I will take the serial damage and I will crush the hardest point of opposing enemy or team.

Team Work is very important, I will command them and always stick together and think a brilliant plans before we strike some certain enemy places to achieve what we need.

So, I'am the "Tanker" and I need to wear really huge armor right? LOL no worries I hope I fit into movies well alright? I will be in normal form while we engage the enemy I will become very Huge "Tank".

For me I may sacrifice myself too for the girls escape, go for it girls! Get a good guy LOL!!

"People suck for once but wont suck forever." Am I right?

By Kian Fai

Movie Screening held by Nuffnang if you won the tix, you can watch this premmier screening at One Utama, GSC, on 9pm. Date: 22nd March, 2011 (Tuesday).

[Cheat - Lies - Corruption] (1)

Just a short update, which is need to mention about it. So I think I got cheated Five Ringgit Malaysia.

Story: Before Chinese New Year, near 10pm. I went to ss2, Petaling Jaya to have a tea chat with my friend, while I was walking to the location, there is a man, his cloths is dirty and wear a short pants. I walk pass him, suddenly he talk to me.

Man: "Are you Chinese? Can you help me?"

Me: "Ya What Happen?"

Man: " I just release from lokap" (Pointing towards ss2 Police Station) "And I don't have single cent with me, can you please fetch me back to Cheras?"

Me: (Looking at the ss2 Police Station, and look at him) "Sorry I'm afraid that I can't help you."

Man: "But at least you can give me 10 Ringgit? So I can take a bus to go home as soon as possible?"

Me: "Well why don't I give you 5 Ringgit and please leave here as soon as possible?"

Man: "Alright"

So I thought I helped out this gentlemen, but I'm afraid that he's a liar. Why? I saw him at ss15 Subang Jaya, using the same way to cheat people money, around 12am, location wise near ss15 Police Station, which is look alike with ss2 Petaling Jaya Police Station.

Do Not Send him "Home", he might become pirate and thief all your stuff away! Becareful!

So I suspect that he's one of the person who cheat or beg money then pass to 1 of the person in charge or he cheat the money for own survive will.

Please Do Not Give a Single Cent to this person alright? And I hope you guys can spread this blogpost to remind people that do not pay a single cent to this person, you might waste your money to this person too.

By Kian Fai

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Love Hong Kong (2011)

Hi there, how are you guys doing your weekend? Practically my weekend was good, morning I had join few friend for dim sum breakfast, that was soft. Then went to Mid-Valley and watch movie, it was Chinese new year movie called "I Love Hong Kong". If you guys understand the Cantonese languages, it is very fun to watch this movie.

Base on the story line is very touching and good, quite creative as well. And of course the combination of TVB Drama actor and Movie actor of Hong Kong for this movie was very awesome, I believe if this movie add 1 or 2 golden rank actor or actress in this movie, this movie will be unbeatable. Example: Aaron Kwok or Leon Lai or Jacky Cheung or Andy Lau. LOL! Greed is Good alright? Anyway there is a golden rank actor such as Tony Leung and Sandy Ng acting in this movie will not let us disappointed.

So This Movie I rate 3/5 alright! (Try to times 2 it is like 6/10, which means this movie is alright for watching it and it's cool, what is most awesome movie for me? Something like Harry Potter and Lord of the Ring)

Movie Trailer of "I Love Hong Kong"

I hope you guys enjoy my post, thanks for reading it and you guys sure have a good weekday start ahead! Bless you guys!

From Kian Fai

Friday, February 18, 2011

No Strings Attached (2011)

Hi Guys and Girls, Sorry for the late update, it's so messy in work. I would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to Joanne, for giving me chance to watch this movie called "No Strings Attached". Thank you Henry Lee for coming with me! This is happening on Wednesday Night at Sunway Pyramid TGV! Dam I should have go to Ninja Joe instead of Wendy's Burger!

Practically, me and my friend predict this movie will not be very good. But it end up this movie give us alot of laugh and joy, and the ending is not bad too. Bare in mind that there is more sense right after the ending, so please be patience and not to hurry yourself to raise you butt from your lovely chair.

- This Movie I would rate 7 / 10 -

Both of them make the movie is lovely, fun, sad also but last and not least, worth to watch it! GO and fill up your weekend yo!!

By Kian Fai

Friday, February 11, 2011

I am Newt! But I am not New!

Warning? This post may contain some sick crap and wordings and you might fell asleep! Of course will add on some photo too! It makes related into this topic! (I got cough 1 or 2 person didn't really read my post and comment it, SHAME ON YOU!) LOL =D

Why "I am Newt! But I am not New!", It's officially Year 2011 in Chinese calendar, so I think that I am no more "Newbie" tag in my tag line already. But of course I will improve my grammar mistake (like hell I will do it) hah nawh each words I type out is among from my heart yo! The way I talk! You guys will realize my real life person, the way I talk is very less, because million words has kept into my heart, I hardly bring it out and I would try to smile towards you if I couldn't answer your question in short time.

Remember my very very first post? NAWH! I bet you all didn't check what is my First post of my very own blog! =D

Ok Here is the
Link, I basically Post Everything! But Majority Movie, Little Travel and Some Craps! Foodie as well yo!

I really seldom update my blog anyways, because I'm boring? And I am busy in work actually, nothing big about it. And I don't know what I should post, I don't really like to compete anything in blog-sphere and I can feel the stress right now too! Hah! And somehow I realize something really "compete", even though I had followed some of you guys tweet, you guys definitely tweet out very emotional tweet, tweet that easy offend on other people too. I had been follow some people which is those people didn't follow me back, and the tweet they had tweeted is kinda offensive too.

I am posting Crap right now! I am so not into games for this week, because I am sick yo. Cough, Sore Throat, and Headache, and last night my ear is very pain, I try to take a 10minute walk, it's getting better and I am glad that I can make it to Karaoke Session. Because of the Karaoke Session I fell in love in few song, one of the main song is
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are.

Because of this song, it really bring my mood up and I can see the bright lights LOL!
If some of you haven't listen to Bruno Mars, can try to listen to the song, it's very famous in America.

I had sing one of my most infamous song. Call "
The Darkness - I believe the thing call love", NOW I CAN REALLY SING THIS SONG YOH!! I am not gay but I really sing this song HARD! And I need to practice more to sing it in perfect way!

Ok this morning I practically lost my voice on 4am, leaving from 1 Utama Neway and fetch
Tikkoss back to his house. Tell you guys, never use NKVE from Mont Kiara if you plan to use this road back to Subang Jaya on 4am to 5am+ Yesterday I saw 5 to 6 truck on the left lane and it give me a goosebumps that I think got accident in few kilometers in front! I lost my voice and Cough is gaining conscious in my throat! I need more Rest for this few days!

But please, if some of you guys having fun, remember to tell me yo, I prefer nearby in Selangor Area. Hahaha!!

I AM NEWT! BUT I AM NOT NEW! Have a nice weekend guys! Enjoy!

Yours Truly, Kian Fai.

P.S. Should I continue Every Morning Watch Movie on Sunday at Sunway Pyramid?? If you guys interested can tweet me!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Love Letter to myself and my Ah Mah

Practically I didn't really update about CNY, because I didn't really celebrate it except dining with my parent or so . . .

On CNY, road in Selangor / Kuala Lumpur clear as usual, you can even lie down on the road and sleep on it for few minutes. (If You Dare)

Day1, at One Utama, plenty of people buying ticket at GSC Cinema, end up didn't watch movie. Having bad dinning experience at Tony Roma's located at Cine-leisure Complex aka e@curve.

Day2, At my house, I'm Glad that some of my friends drop by at my house and visit, Thank You Kyrilsoulx. After that I went for PC Games.

Day3 and Day4, PC Games. End of Story. And at my house next few doors got people pass away, end up the whole neighborhood atmosphere very weird.

Start my actual work on Tuesday, but Tuesday got less Client. Luckily we start on Monday, to test run the business (Half day) and it's better than Tuesday.

No Photo on this post, I'm sorry about it.

Actually I would like to post something emotional about my thought, my grandma is still alive with Alzheimer. I'm so sorry about her. (this is happen around 2 years +)

I remember my past,

When I was Primary School Kid, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will put RM 5 into my wallet while I sleeping.

When I was Secondary School Kid, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will give me RM 10 with her smiling face.

When I was 19years old+, I tell "Ah Mah, I got no money" She will give me RM 50 and say "Boy, Ah Mah didn't really use the money, you can have it".

Now I think back my grandma current situation, all I can do is stay strong and try to earn as much as I can by myself. So this is to reminds me that I need to be more educate my own discipline and self control. I love you Ah Mah =)

Appreciate your Elderly, Parent and Relative. Give them a big hug if you saw them, no harm.

Happy Chinese New Year, and Have a blessed Rabbit Year.

By Kian Fai.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee Chemistry Cafe with Bloggers

Coffee Chemistry Cafe Fan-page on Facebook, like it!

Coffee Chemistry Cafe which is located at Sunway Giza, walk toward to MOVIDA, you're facing MOVIDA right? Take the left side staircase of MOVIDA. MOVIDA is located at beside FULLHOUSE. Coffee Chemistry Cafe, first in Malaysia serving The World's Finest Coffee. A total new coffee experience with very affordable price. Definitely True I tell you!

So I decided to attend this event on last Sunday (30th January, 2011) was plan to meet up with Erika Toh although she is late, LOL.

Environment of CCC: Colorful Wallpaper! With all of our favorite social network icons!

Environment of CCC: Simple Table and Chair (spoiler: they might have renovate some part of the cafe so it will looks more presentable *exciting*)

Environment of CCC: At this moment we will see alot of products from HTC, Apple, and some ear phones too, is one of the concept and you can ask assistant from the person in charge over there too!

Environment of CCC: Big screen that displaying some HTC phones and products.

Environment of CCC: Table that Showing the HTC phones! Angry Birds ON!

Environment of CCC: Banner Advertisement for HTC, and iPad Casing if I not mistaken! LOL!

Environment of CCC: HTC Authorised Training Centre.

Environment of CCC: View from Outside of Training Centre. No people because it's on Sunday.

Environment of CCC: Cafe Counter with TV, Barista is Busy with works / drinks.

Environment of CCC: Smoking area of CCC, which can see the view from inside to outside.

CleverMunkey is gonna drink his mocha and wait! Snap photo 1st.

Variety of Mocha, same taste and different Decoration! This 1 is CleverMunkey Mocha.
Frankly speaking here, I don't really like to drink Coffee or Mocha, but the Mocha over here really grab my tongue!

This 1 is My Mocha.

This 1 is Tony Teh Mocha. Wow I think this 1 is abit sweet here, so creative topping. Haha!

CleverMunkey with his Camera.

Chicken & Mushroom Pie!

Chicken & Mushroom Pie Again! Every1 loves Chicken & Mushroom Pie, recommend by the boss and it's very tasty, fresh, unable to use more word to describe it as long as it's very very tasty!

Seafood Pasta - Carbonara or Spicy Carbonara. Among other of dishes, 2 of us other the same pasta! LOL

Chicken Marinated with Herbs.

Bacon & Onion Fritatta, this 1 is very filling! Nice combo between the sauce and the bacon + omelette.


Carrot & Potato Soup, serve with toast! Very well served soup, I personally like the taste too!

The Ladies! Stand from left to right: Melissa, Jane, Hui Fang, Sim Yee (Xing90)
Sit from left to right : Jia Yeen and Yuh Jiun.

And the Gentlemen! CleverMunkey (Stand Behind), Me and Tony.

Last and not least! Yuuuuum Seng with the well served soup!

Group Photo with the whole group which is include Erika and Jayren (Right side of the photo). I hope to have more time with you Erika, LOL!

2nd Round of CCC with another groups of Blogger:

Ok So I decided to went back to CCC on yesterday night Monday (31st January 2011). I only suppose to meet only Eric Lee and Caroline Ng, it's a surprise that I meet iamthewitch, Rebbecca Saw, Grey Ang, Kelvin Tan, and Saucer if no mistaken! This is show how much that I like on CCC. And I order Mocha again LOL!

Foods Served by CCC overall is tasty and the coffee taste and smell real goods too! Person in charge is very friendly and willing to receive the feedback of the foods too.

Happy Chinese New Year to you guys too!

Coffee Chemistry Cafe Fan-page on Facebook, like it!

By Kian Fai

- Photo Belongs to some certain blogger and CCC -

Bloggers Gathering at PappaRich

This is Happen on Last Wednesday (26th of January, 2011). Thanks to Allison that invite me along to this meet up at ss15 PappaRich, Subang Jaya. The World is small too (answer is at below)! What is the funny things it Allison DM me the day before this meet up and I thought it happen on Thursday! Luckily I drive on Wednesday, god bless!

Allison and Me, ok I looks so prosperous in this photo!

Allison, Me and Suresh@Ryan! Good Shoot!

Photo below onwards is our cam-whore photo! LOL!
Allison, Suresh and Me! (Left to Right)

Same Expression for Suresh! LOL And good try on Allison and Me too! Well alot of things we talk about since after Avelyn and TehTarik need to go early. From before 10pm we sit until almost 12am! Hope to catchup with you guys next time, seriously the world is so small especially that one of my friend is friend with Avelyn and TehTarik too! Hope you guys enjoy my post!

By Kian Fai

P.S.: Photo is taken by Allison and Suresh@Ryan.