Monday, May 31, 2010

My Deviantart - Photo Repairing

Ya would like to share something. (Not showing off)

To show a picture that before and after.

Repair the photo from bad condition to another new photo.

By using a simple tool on photo shop called "Clone Stamp Tool", if you know the basic of the clone stamp tool, so you can almost do the same thing that what I posted up right now.

By using clone stamp tool, and edit this photo, you need to clone some similar color in a small portion (not big) if you clone it in big portion, the photo might look too ugly.

To view full preview can go

Well Enjoy

By KianFai

Friday, May 28, 2010

Horror! Please aware!

Horror! Please aware! Content on below are not suitable to read unless you really want to read it. So read it ok? =)
(BASED ON THIS STORY IS HAPPEN AROUND ME OR THAT UNCLE, I dunno it happen to other race/religion or not, so cheers!)

As my title above, I just wanna pass down some knowledge to other people which is do not have this kinda knowledge. (Weird LOL)

So what kinda knowledge you want to read / see it . . . no doubt is what I type first then you read first! (Craps!!)

So I'm Chinese, I know alot of things, what kind of things you want to know? (Actually not that much ok? Is just a knowledge that your elders didn't teach you in proper way to avoid it) What? What?

Ok is about avoid Ghost Disturbance or Interruption and some story about a uncle which can actually see Ghost. (So it is base on my place here Klang Kampung Jawa / Taman Sentosa)

A Uncle from young age that he can see thru the ghost but he's still afraid about it. Why? Even Daytime also he can see the ghost, Images is blur but is a human shape in front of him. Like when a fella just pass away, the soul/Ghost is still in color. When a person pass away more than a few years, the ghost it becomes like grey color or the colour is being faded away. Another 1 more example is the ghost is full of blood colours or dripping bloods come out. (Which depends how is the person die before he become a soul/ghost) So I would like to point a few example of this uncle, he saw ghost on the street you see.

But somehow he went to shopping complex such as AEON Bukit Tinggi (man I don't dare to go anymore and he went with his family for cinema for enjoy session), that shopping mall or market district, he say he cant see anything at all! Cant see any of the ghost existing at the market! Why? So here comes the answer, prepare go to cinema, buy a ticket with his family and go watch it. He say "Walao, sibeh boh ho seh a . . ." (Which means he feel very uncomfortable because he saw a pasar malam inside the cinema show room, and some other incident happen in stair case of AEON Bukit Tinggi it prove it all, I believe many of you guys read this news before on other forums)

Why do I think it's true? Because I heard this kind of story 3rd times. Alot of place such as During World War 2, Japanese invade Malaysia. Let's say Klang Kampung Jawa, that uncle say He don't really dare to go into the Forest because the Forest is use for Japanese to execute alot of people. That uncle say there is flies everywhere. (Kesian Betul)

Another Incident about Lucky Number took from Ghost, a Indonesian should be accurate. This Uncle help him take the lucky number, then the Indonesian go and buy it (TOTO, MAGNUM, KUDA), and then the Indonesian kena RM 600 as a winning prizes. So this Indonesian had spend RM 200 for feast and meal, and then when he do his work, he kena injured. RM 400 for his medical fee . . . . So this Indonesian he does'nt believe anything, he go ask that uncle to take this lucky number again and buy . . . So how much did this person kena again? RM2,000.00!!! TANIAH!!! But he dam scared . . . and once he get the money and he want to do something good as donation. But everything is too late for him! He caught in accident and he got his car repaired RM2,000.00 just accurate. And now this Indonesian don't really dare to go take number from the ghost again.

So my point of view over here, he take the number from the ghost be he cant use it because the ghost win for him and the ghost got nothing to get! So Please Be-careful! When on Hungry Ghost Month, this uncle will say something weird is because that uncle saw alot of ghost flashing out from no where! And we humanity burn alot of "underworld note" to serve the ghost and for sure this uncle will saw a cow face and horse face must grabbed the money first, which mean our politician in real life is in corruption and in underworld also got corruption too! O_O Those ghost are grabbing those money like crazy! Speed of light! "This is what uncle said."

Alright another story is also base on me, when I was young, I go Ching Ming with Family, so I stepped on some candle and I didn't say sorry. On night time, I when to toilet and puke. Guess what I puke? Is cleared Tea! Pure tea! No foods puke come out . . . That's very weird. On next day my parents bring me go pray and drinks a water with Burned Amulet, and it's alright already.

So Next time when you trying to pee on road side, you need to pray and say excuse me, sorry or please. =) (Be polite, might as well they be polite to you too!)

** I'm so sorry about uncle this uncle that but this uncle is not a pray pray 1 alright, so sorry **


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Celebrities Who Stink

So!?!?!?!? Celebrities Who Stink . . . Ewww lol

I may think Daniel Radcliffe is the stinky person! Stink Stink Stink! LOL Why?
This is his handsome look in Movie, even thou He's Handsome but he act Emotionally! When He gets EMO, people around them will feel the same and join Harry Potter EMO as well.
And too stress in the movie, waving the "wands" and try to swallowing all the scripts, spell code into his mind, so that he become crazy and EMO! CRAZY + EMO = STINKS!

Even Daniel prove how "manly" is him, he still stink =(

Even Emma Watson also Faint while smelled Daniel Body Smell (Emoness Smell)

So is time Daniel! Use Adidas Action 3! To Clear the smell of stink and emo-ness! So Voldemort may fall! =X

Well alright . . . (Even I think I should use this soon, gonna be so crazy when trying to post this up omg omg!)

So this is Project Alpha Season 2

Episode 36

Episode 37

Episode 38

Episode 39


Project Alpha is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

What Happen when you stand or squatting on toilet bowl?

Warning, This content and links might make you feel uncomfortable but please do not do this at home or public toilet! Thank You!

What Happen when you stand or squatting on toilet bowl?

You guys know what happen?

Actually, I will not believe that there is such people doing that . . .

I believe Malaysian squat on toilet bowl will have 100% confident on our "Made in Malaysia Toilet Bowl".

Yeah, for 1st 5 years you can trust the Brand New Toilet Bowl . . . But after 5 years?

Please Squat on proper Squat Toilet, it helps alot as in "shitting" and it exercise your legs!

Why people squat on toilet bowl again? Here is some example over below!

Well that was scary . . . (Source from google) No matter what toilet bowl made off . . . It's hurt alright?

So What really happen? You Squat on the toilet bowl and the bowl got cracked! And broke off! So the cracked part is very sharp! And it cut your ass/leg flesh! (I believe some of you guys read this news on elsewhere and the picture is dam disgusting, I really feel pity about this victim.)

If Public Toilet is disgusting . . . But you need to thrown it up urgently . . . Next time you can bring detergent or newspaper / Tissue etc. I believe alot of girls bag sure fill up alot of tissue, not cosmetic =X

Here is the detail about Toilet Bowl alright!?! (Source: from

You guys can search on google Images "toilet bowl squatting accident", dam is so disgusting and pity =(

Got some article prove over other blogger (for some reason, her old blog is removed, edited on 12/12/2012)


Thanks for reading, By Kian Fai.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Well Well Well! Toy Story 3 is coming out! *Scream*
And I wanted to watch this movie badly. *Giggles*
This is my all time Favorite and I hope I can watch it!
Of course I would like to share what new toys I wish to see in Toys Story 3!?!?!?

Well TWITCH seems to look like my Favorite!! Why? Because TWITCH look like Masked Rider, Adventurous with His Staff, Removable Armor LOL?!?! Maybe TWITCH know how to cast some spell alright! Stop laughing at him! *Giggles*

And MR. PRCIKLEPANTS looks so Adventurous as well with his "Robin Hood" or "Peter Pan" Cap as well!!! *giggles*
Ahh Shirtless or Clothless Heroes, with his Lion represent as Brave, King of all Animal! *WoW*

ANY WAY!! PEACE YALL! Hope to watch this lovely Toys Story 3!! RAWR RAWR!!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ironman II (2010)

LOLED At this Magazine Front Cover!

Well wanted to post this topic up earlier, because of my work doesn't allowed me to do this! I'm also big fans of Marvel Comic as well, so I followed with my friends Kyril Soul-X, SeigTerry and others to 1 Utama Golden Screen Cinema. Before watch this movie, I also received alot of negative feedbacks from other friends which is posted on Facebook, msn chatting and newspaper. Newspaper says "Ironman only appear on screen at least 4times." So . . . when I starting to watch this movie, with a poor mood to watch it alright? But the result of the movie overall is "not-bad" =) Can love this movie ok?

With action from Whiplash, raping mimbo Ironman it makes me feel "Wow! This Whiplash sure know how to rape Ironman without his suits." This sentence means it, Whiplash is only use his "Heart" to ruins the whole Racing Games and rape Ironman alright? *Thumbs-up* And this part of the whole movie it happen on "Beginning Parts of the Movie".

Well actually I love Ironman also but in Marvel Comics ok? I feel alot of gayness when I watch Robert Downey act as Ironman. So it makes me feel slightly sick of it. But I do enjoy Robert Downey sitting on the signboard of Donut Shop, it makes me feel kinda joke and moody become happy. *laugh*

It is also surprised that Don Cheadle had been signed to replace Terence Howard in Iron Man 2. =( But it would not affected Movie Process and I think most of the Iron Man Movie Fan would continue support this movie.

Well so I think alot of you guys had been giving advices to stay after the movie, because it might pop out a mysterious sense =) check it out on man.

by Kian Fai

Friday, May 21, 2010

Playrole "Who's the Mafia?"

Hi there, some people might ask me what is the meaning of Playrole?
The meaning is similar with "Role-Playing". So I'm Role-Playing wannabe you see =P
Still not understand? So I might need to explain it in the other way round like . . . a games perhaps.

So you guys got play any games such as "Who's the Mafia?"
This game is base on 2 person Mafia, 1 spy, and 1 doctor, others is Civilian. (It might need more then 8 people in the games, this is exiting! *giggles*)
SO!!! . . . . you need to identify them with poker cards . . . oh yeah you need a judge to remain "open the eye", and this judge is heck important too yall!?!

Poker Card to Identify:

King - Mafia (2 Mafia, must choose 1 person to be killed)

Jack - Spy (1 spy, to spy through who is the Mafia, only can spy 1 times)

Queen - Doctor (to heal a random people in the games, it might safe some important people)

Numbering - Civilian (no power, but have the power to talk crap & Idealism Fella! =P)

Ok! So the Judge must speak alot of words ya? (The Game start with 10person ok?)
Giving out poker cards and do not show to other people what card they have ok? only the owner of the card can see it. after that, all the cards must return to the judges.
So in the city have this 10 people, the night had come! Every1 close the eyes! (Sleep)

So, Mafia, Please open your eyes. (2 mafia must open the eyes and discuss choose a person then kill it, but please, no voice are allowed)
So, Mafia, Please close your eyes.
Then Doctor, please open your eyes, so doctor must decide to choose 1 person and heal it. (if doctor heal the person which is mafia chosen just now, that person is survive!)
Then Doctor close his eyes.
Spy, open your eyes now, who you want to spy then? (spy must choose it wisely then)

So It went to Day times, Judge must report. Examples :**Doctor Failed to heal**Mafia Killed a Civilian or Spy** ok, Spy, Doctor, Mafia can expose their Identity as well, wouldn't want to expose the identity as well also permission-ed. Judges must not expose their identity remember! Judge only can report that who's dead, must not say who's survive. Mafia can act as Spy, Civilian can act as Spy as well, crap! You guys understand? Such thing like Bollywood? LOL! And Players (include civilian / mafia and doctor, you know? Mafia hiding identity as civilian. Spy and doctor as well hahaha!) can do something like politics vote who is the mafia and so on. Majority votes can vote out that player you see. So each round must vote out 1 person.

**This games can be done in many rounds, either mafia will wins or civilians/doctor/spy wins!**

Those word that I typed above it must be judge who speak it out. Other player must be silent mode but if players laughing or say something, responsibility is the player itself.

So if you cant understand this post, or this post isn't perfect, you can give me suggestion alright? =D

by, Kian Fai