Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Be wise, stop using the word "bo jio"!

Each and every time in my life, when I upload a photo with delicious food on my instagram / facebook, there will be a comment pop up content a word "bo jio". I think Malaysian should really stop using this phrase "bo jio", because it is so stupid and Malaysian itself will feel rejected when seeing other people enjoying good things / moment.

Eventually there is people feel rejected, because he or she seeing me enjoying something good, then decide to place "bo jio" comment. I decide to ignore it, end up that I got "back-stab" on other social media platform, say I reject he or she. I feel so displease right now, because I would never reject friends, and simply extort my words and irritate my feelings actually.

I think I should say it here out loud and clear, I would not simply post up anything good on my social media platform, I will basically ignore what you have seen me doing something good on other place; to whoever out there, I sincerely wish you healthy and I hope that you got a good life out there.

To other friend, never place you "bo jio" comment on you friend photo, it is offensive and go find your life!

Thank You! By Kian Fai.