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Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Before I update movie about "Thor: The Dark World (2013)", I got so much "oh my goodness" comment to shout out from my lungs actually. Marvel movie poster designer, what have you done with your creativity!
Compare this poster from movie: "Iron Man 3" with "Thor: The Dark World", it is still the same until I couldn't brain myself at all. I sincerely hope that they will do something in the future . . .

Update will begin right here!

Thor movie will be up on the date of: 8th November, 2013 worldwide! Malaysia will be release on date of: 31st October, 2013. My impression about this movie is fun to watch, fun as in there is small comedy element blend inside the character and environmental. I also feel excited when Thor first appearance in assist SIF and the crews in battle at Vanaheim.

Learn your villain in this movie!
In the movie, Dark Elves, from Svartalfheim. Most of them got devastated during the war between King Bor (father of Odin) with Malekith. Malekith fail to use the power (the power that can turn all the 9 world into darkness or destroy it) because King Bor steal away the chamber who keep the power and hide it somewhere that Malekith couldn't find it.
It is true that Malekith looks slightly awesome in this movie while compare it with comic.

Loki, got held inside the prison right after the event of "The Avengers", he is quite kinky when Thor decide to release him, because Thor needed his help to escape Asgard with Jane Foster.
It is good to see that Loki and Thor work together to defeat Algrim / Kurse (the strongest lieutenant of Malekith), and the bad news is [spoiler] Loki actually fake his death.
I almost cried when Loki got "killed" by Algrim, then Loki activate Algrim grenade (at his pocket) and killed him. Then Thor wished that Loki was never killed in the battle and cry for him, after that Thor left Loki and make sure Jane Foster safety.
Loki fake his death, he wake up and transform himself become one of the guard from Asgard and report his duty to Odin.

I actually found this on Google, regarding about Asgard and the 8 other worlds, and actually Asgardian pronounce Earth as Midgard.

Why Malekith want Jane Foster so badly?
Jane Foster actually found the artifact that kept power of Malekith seeking, and accidentally activate it, it wake up Malekith and other Dark Elves from deep sleep.

Thor: The Dark World movie list of casts: link
It is actually fun and excited to watch this movie, can't wait to watch it again with friends and families!

My Rating: 8/10
Compare this with previous Thor movie at year 2011, I have not much to complain about.
There is 2 post credit scene in this movie:
- Before the movie end, Jane Foster having breakfast with their scientist crew. Darcy is teasing Jane say that she is actually quite miss her lover. The post credit scene show that Thor appear and give Jane Foster a very deep kiss.
- Another post credit scene is about Sif and Volstagg pass a very mysterious grey cube with red color glowing light at sides to a person name "Collector". This is actually very interesting, because the detail about Collector is badass!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

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  1. You are so fast!!!
    My hubby is so eager to watch this ler! 8/10, definitely will watch it!


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