Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Internship (2013)

The Internship movie talk about 2 watch salesman lost their job, in the end Billy McMahon thinks that interning Google might get the chance to achieve their dream job in Google. Have you guys ever wonder about Google office? Working with Google is almost equal towards working in a convenient palace! It doesn't need to think any troublesome stuff because everything is so near your desk work! Example: Cafeteria, Gym, a place for short nap, Coffee Machine & etc. Here is a short clip titled "Google interns' first week", remember to watch it yah!

Back to Billy and Nick started their internship in Google, they actually didn't start very well due their age and limited knowledge about HTML5 (other type of similar knowledge), because what they do last time is sales, sales and sales. Exchangeagram is one of the "typical" or funny idea from Billy, which sounds very bullshits and makes me laugh at it, at the end their team won the first place for app creating + downloading by creating a app that protect Google user products.

The Internship list of casts: link
Billy and the team having fun at club, Yo-Yo Santos reaction towards hot girls was kind of overrated.

My rating: 5.5/10
There is one or two part of the movie scene got censored, not sure if there is any "super" vulgar words or not. It is fun to watch this movie, seeing Billy convince Nick to go Google with him, at the end you will see Nick convince Billy return to the final stage of the internship exam. At the end, it's a happy ending story.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Looks like there're some movies I missed out... Hmm..

  2. seems like there are quite a lot of new movies in the cinema lately huh??

    1. haiyoh, have been busy for the past couple of weeks so didn't watch movie for quite some time..

    2. am slowly catching up with the movies i wanted to watch but missed over the couple of weekends..

    3. interesting movie to watch, can see some insider things about Google?? hehe~~ :p

  3. I havent watch, but isit nice? I plan to watch very soon :)

  4. wow...can see the inner of Google or not?
    but seeing you putting the mark of 5.5...seems lk it doesn't really attractive enough,isn't it?

  5. I haven't watched, but it doesn't appeal to me.

  6. I like Owen Wilson shows. Usually very funny

  7. Looks quite funny from the trailer. So I think I may just watch it if I am bored.


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