Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Riddick (2013)

"This wasn't the first Riddick movie." by Tony, I was thinking because he say that there is Riddick movie on earlier year 2000, curiosity kills! This website show you all about The Chronicles of Riddick! And I think they should name this movie Riddick VS Aliens or something more survival and exciting!

Scene that Riddick & Johns killing Aliens, with guns and melee weapon.
Story begin with Riddick getting his ass kicked (betrayed) by his previous comrade and isolated around a planet with full of unknown species, then Riddick slowly adept to the planet environment and survive as hard as he can. After that Riddick found a mercenary base on the planet, and he decide start the alarm system to lure bounty hunter and hijack their ship.

The way they film how Riddick kill the bounty hunter is too overrated, it seems that watching this movie is like exactly playing Assassin Creed at the same time. It is sweet to watch this movie because he tame a alien dog on this planet, it wasn't sweet to watch this movie because it is kind of gore when Riddick remove Santana head and place inside the plastic box.

Riddick list of casts: link
Bounty Hunter Mercenary crew: Santana and John, both team capture Riddick with different purpose. John want Riddick alive because he got some question with him; unlike Santana, he want Riddick to be death because all he want is money. (Actually almost every single bounty hunter at above picture want Riddick to be death.)

My rating: 6.5/10
Not suitable for people who age under 18 because this movie contain graphic violence such as gore scene, it may makes you can't eat or can't sleep for few days (if possible), anyways, the heavy gore scene only appear once, which is Santana head got cut and you will see pink color brain got slice into half.

It is very easy to solve this issue by convincing yourself that this gore scene is fake, and it is created by hrmmmm . . . graphic effect perhaps? Why on earth am I emphasizing the Santana brain got cut?

The one does not simply . . . I mean the bad bounty hunter got killed at very last place, which is played by Dave Batista, previously Vin Diesel got slammed by Dwayne Johnson at Fast 5 NOW Vin Diesel smacked by Dave Batista. Vin . . . tough life you got there lol! #crap

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Huh, got such gore scenes? Hmm but I am definitely over 18 la, LOL! xD

  2. I covered my face with scarf almost all the time but whenever i heard Vin's voice, i pulled down! LOL this movie really not suitable for kids la.

  3. one of the better movie i've watched so far la :)


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