Saturday, September 28, 2013

Prisoners (2013)

Hello guys and girls, would like to apologize for my lack update and seldom blog-walk. Why? Because I am playing PC games again! Haha! Never mind about me what am I doing, will begin the movie review ASAP for Prisoners. Prisoners movie length is more than 150 minutes, you might felt asleep middle in this movie if you got not enough energy or if you dislike this kind of long-winded and slow-motion storyline.

What is the most entertaining part in this movie is Detective Loki, each and every time some other character mention his name in some scene, it always makes me want to joke about Loki from Avengers / Thor. Why he is the most interesting character in this movie? Because no matter what happen, he is trying his best to investigate the case and chasing for more detail about the mystery of the maze symbol.

Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover, his character is kind of furious and insane, he is doing his best to protect his family and investigate the case without detective / police knowing it. He think that Alex Jones is potential suspect and he decide to kidnap him and torture him to telling the truth.

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Prisoners is a very emotional, boring at some point but at the end is kind of excited. And some part of storyline about Police job does not any make sense because Police have the rights to investigate the suspect house & property with warrant. Probably the Police power is limited in this movie . . .

My rating: 6/10
Consider not bad, it is please to replenish your energy before watch this movie.

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  1. Both Hugh and Jake are quite an attraction, hehe~

  2. Two good actors in a movie, must watch!


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