Thursday, August 15, 2013

激战 Unbeatable (2013)

This story begin talk about 3 person past, after that they met each other and get along. Fai, champion of boxing in year 1988, break some law and got jailed. Qi, love to travel around the world, at the end his dad bankrupt, Qi decided to look for job, also find opportunity take part in MMA competition and win money prize from it. Gwen, her husband leave her and 2 children, makes Gwen don't have the passion to live anymore and drunk herself. Gwen younger children accident fell into bathtub and pass-away, it makes Gwen couldn't forgive herself and become insane in return.

Ever since Fai appeared into Gwen family, Xiao Dan (daughter of Gwen) become the talkative children and communicate with Fai. There happiness didn't last longer as he thought, his life actually got  threaten  by lone shark (Fai owe lone shark money in Hong Kong) when he got famous in MMA with Qi, and also threaten Gwen family.

Somehow I felt that it is great to watch Eddie Peng and Nick Cheung on big screen, with such muscular body and some real action MMA! 拳拳到肉真是激啊! Each punch land on the face or body, it really makes me hurt and some audience making some "oouchh" noise for it, especially for Eddie Peng and Nick Cheung.

I am also really concern that if Eddie Peng really land his own head real hard in this movie, because that "bang" will cost heavy injury and might blown the head. 

激战 Unbeatable list of casts: link

My rating: 7.5/10
I seriously liked this movie because it motivate me, what I really like to mention is both of the male lead like to kiss each other.

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Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Mmmm.... I'm not familiar with these actors, but they look so macho!

  2. Wow, not a bad review! Nick Cheung's muscular body is real huh? ;)

  3. it seems like an action packed movie huh
    and i envied their bodies

  4. I heard that this is kinda good but i'll never watch a chinese movie in cinemas -.-


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