Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elysium (2013)

Watched Elysium last Saturday with my friend at Citta Mall, was quite impress with the style of this movie. Watching Matt Damon got attach with "exoskeleton", which can strengthen him to defeat robots (which replace the security system of Elysium and Earth). Story begins with year 2154, the population on Earth is too much, created a imbalance issue and created disaster, so now the Earth is living full of poor human. Human who is rich will have the privilege to stay in Elysium, they have a bed that can heal wounds and remove cancer from the body, it is so wonderful that every poor human on Earth attempt to send out spaceships only to use the bed.

Elysium in Chinese describe as 极乐世界, a place that located in space, quite nearby Earth, and I wonder why they didn't show Moon at all in this movie, at the end I would like to say that Elysium is represent as Moon for Earth since there is no sign of Moon. As I mention just now, Elysium is a place for upper class / rich people to stay here, they got robots maid to serve them for their living, and also got a high tech bed to heal them, their technology is beyond immortality.

Elysium wasn't perfect movie with a almost perfect concept, Elysium defense was too weak and very easy to broke inside their boundary without Delacourt on duty. Max (Matt Damon) force himself to work with Spider and steal memory from a people who stay inside Elysium, that person is the boss of factory robots production. What Max going to steal is only password to access his asset, Max didn't expect he is going to steal the system program to reset the whole setting of Elysium, system program that elect the new president of Elysium.

Elysium list of casts: link

My rating: 4/10
I wonder what is the use of robots that appear in this movie, their appearance is MINIMAL!
Matt Damon got the weapon can destroy a robot with few shoots, but robots do not have a weapon that break through security door. I wish could see more about Matt Damon action . . .

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Only 4/10? Not that nice lah like this : )

    1. if this movie "goes everything out", I can rate it as more than 7/10 I think? :)


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