Monday, August 12, 2013

Dota 2 Championship 2013 ends here! #dota2 #TI3

Dota 2 Championships end few hours ago, somehow I felt kinda lost because I'm not sure what to do next other than watching tournament in live or replays. Guess that I should continue my work and my life! Before the championship begin, there is tons of Dota 2 team compete with each other in qualifying round.

I am also very sad that mousesports got eliminate very early in lower brackets, and they didn't do well in prelims matches. Personally I am adore with mousesports gameplay, that is why I am their fan boy at the very beginning stage (in the qualifying round before this championship).

Team Alliance (Sweden): Loda, Akke, S4, EGM, AdmiralBulldog
I would like to congrats Alliance on their big win in this Dota 2 Championship! What makes them sounds crazy is they did not lose any single game on prelims match, only lose total 3 matches in this championship, it is totally too easy unstoppable for them to move on the grand final in upper bracket.

Every team in #TI3 got chance to win the championship, but I am afraid that this time Alliance is too strong, Na'Vi itself didn't really aware about Puck (Hero) from S4 totally disable their progress and GG at the 5th game, also some of the commentator did mention about S4 Puck is a "Million Dollar Dream Coils", because the prize pool for the grand prize winner is $1,437,204.

Team Na'Vi (Ukraine): XBOCT, Funn1k, Kuroky, Dendi, Puppey
They got second place in the Dota 2 Championship, Na'Vi is quite famous because they are champion for year 2011, and second place again on year 2012, I am really excited and cheer for Na'Vi while they are having finals with Alliance.

One reason that Na'Vi is famous because of Dendi, audience really like to watch Dendi pick Pudge (Hero), and Na'Vi really did it in this championship because there is less chances Na'Vi would pick Pudge for Dendi, which is quite risky.

Team Orange.Neolution (Malaysia): Mushi, Net, kYxY, XtincT, Ohaiyo
Orange.Neolution got third place in this Dota 2 Championship, Orange seriously did a very good job time time. Because Orange manage to defeat team Dignitas, Fnatic, DK and TongFu, and advance themselves all the way to top 3 in this championship. kYxY got featured often on Youtube when the day of championship has come to the end, about his successful and fail Magnus (Hero) RP, this video will show you about the most successful and fail clash when they face-off with team DK (China).

I also seriously believe that kYxY accidentally deny Aegis (in Game 3), which is very important for their team, it affect their route towards victory. I don't blame kYxY for it because sometimes shits really happen due to pro player really got high APM *smirk*.

Overall I still think that Orange give me lots of epic moment impression, they slice enemy like fruit ninja, dominate from very beginning of the stage towards top 3 is seriously not easy for them.

If you wish to see the replays of Dota 2 or some short-clip about successful and fail story about game matches happening in Dota 2 championship, you can either subscribe Dota 2, Dota Cinema, or NoobFromUA.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. go Asians! anyway, Ive always wanted to play such game

  2. Hmm, this is not my thing la! :p

  3. wow, even Dota team seems like F1 Racing team nowadays

  4. Oh dear, I'm don't recognize anyone of them too!


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