Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Turbo (2013)

Turbo is a animation movie talk about this snail Turbo dream that he can racing fast, at the end he create a big trouble to his brother Chet and force to leave the usual place they stay. Actually there is a crow capture Chet and Turbo have to save his life (at that time Turbo already got his super speed power), it brought them very "far" away from where they stay.

How Turbo obtain his power by accident? Such a coincidence that Turbo fell on a Chevrolet racing car with nitrous oxide, then Turbo got suck into the car system and absorbed nitrous oxide, this is how Turbo gain his super speed power.

After the crow story that brought Turbo and Chet into far far away place, then this person called Tito appear and "capture" them. Tito wanted to bring Turbo into Indy 500 because he is impress with Turbo super speed, and Turbo kept hinting him how to make Starlight Plaza become famous!

Turbo list of voice-over: link
From the maker of Kung Fu Panda & Madagascar, Turbo is least interesting animation movie. But effect wise is quite impress me actually (which is average), being smart & creative about using snail as a theme for this movie is superb. Suddenly I think that it is great idea to create a "shell" for snail by customization it, such as adding multiple racing tools on them.

My rating: 6/10
100% friendly to family and children, contain mild violent which is human smack OR attempt smack the snail.

"Many people surprise about Snoop Dogg doing voice over for one of the snail."

"Fat snail is cool, example: the snail that it's too fat and unable to tuck himself inside his own shell. I wonder White Shadow can tuck himself inside his shell or not?"

Check out their official website: link, enjoy some mini games and see more sneak peek regarding characters inside this movie.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Very nice weh this Turbo. Forget logic and everything and you'll enjoy this movie like a kid! :D

  2. i've seen the trailer surprisingly it seems not making any noise at all
    it was funny and unique tho

  3. Yea I watched the trailer in TV, but me not keen on animation like this, hehe~

  4. Really like white shadow haha...super cute!

  5. Hey, this looks like a fun movie!


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