Monday, July 29, 2013

The Wolverine (2013)

"The Wolverine (2013)" is a movie talk about Logan aka Wolverine leave X-Men at the end of the movie called "X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)". What happen at the end of the movie "X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)" is Logan force to kill Jean, because the Dark Phoenix is taking over Jean minds, trying to gain full control of Jean Grey and destroy mankind.

I think Logan still can't forgive himself by killing Jean, therefore he left X-Men and wandering around the world to make sure no one found him. Movie "The Wolverine (2013)" starting with Logan staying in the snowy mountain, then there is this Japanese lady named Yukio from Yakuza: Yashida family, saying that head of Yashida family is suffering from sickness, and he wanted to see Logan for one last time. Then story movie begin about Logan decide to follow Yukio all the way to Japan, and face all the trickery / dramatic from Yashida family.

Yukio and Logan attend the funeral of old man Yashida.

It was very exciting to watch Hugh Jackman as Logan right now, because right now he is in peak performance for his gym training. Each of the photo appear inside The Wolverine official website was so buffed, those root appear on his muscle isn't build in one day, which means Hugh Jackman seriously undergo so many training ever since he accept to act as Logan aka Wolverine.

Jean Grey often appear in Logan dream, it is also a risk to makes Logan kill somone of this Jean Grey giving nightmare towards Logan. Yes, this Jean Grey is only appear inside his dream.

The Wolverine list of casts: link

Mariko and Logan running away from Yakuza, not sure if this movie is promoting Pachinko or not. *scratch head*

Tao Okamoto (Mariko) was very pretty in this movie, she is in modeling for 14 years, this movie is her first debut in the film world.

Surprisingly that Viper (who posses toxin, regeneration ability and resistant towards all poison), died (probably) or disappear too fast from the scene, probably she might appear again in future X-Men movie. (I bet not)

My rating: 7.5/10
Impressive fight scene in funeral and bullet train, making me nervous about Logan doesn't regenerate his wound anymore. Dislike how Jean Grey appear inside in Logan dream and kept annoy him, pray to god that his claw doesn't pop out and accidentally killed Mariko.

[Spoiler] Dislike about old man Yashida didn't die, because he corporate with Viper and makes him stay inside the giant silver samurai robot. In order to kept his life span longer, extract regeneration power from Logan, to make old man Yashida become young and immortal again. It is also kind of gross when old man Yashida turn young, you probably might wanna bitch slap it.

Watching Logan open wound for himself and try to dig out the "robotic worm" that inject his heart, which is makes me feel gross about it and I actually hold my own chest while watching it lol!

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  1. omg lol! ok la maybe gonna teman Eric watch this. lol!

  2. I feel like watching this movie la! Got the macho Hugh Jackman!!

  3. well xmen is one of my favorite series and all of it's movie adaptations were great and i'm looking forward to watch days of future past

  4. Cool! Finally one that's worth watching. Gonna watch this!


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