Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Lone Ranger (2013)

I would like to say that "The Lone Ranger" movie was so cool until the white horse "Silver" is so damn eye catchy and almost become the lead role of this movie. The best thing about this movie is from action western movie turn into humor and jokes, which is expected from their movie trailer. Thanks to Nuffnang again (this time I got the feather pen)!

I almost think that Silver is a fake horse in this movie, I am still not sure whether it is fake or not . . . somehow this is one of the "highest" horse that I've seen so far. It can appear on the rooftop, on the tree, the appearance of Silver practically makes many audience have a great laugh about it.

Tonto and the "Stubborn" Spirit Walker, which is almost cannot make sense that Spirit Walker John Reid fire a bullet that will not miss (probably story-line issue which is makes whole lot of sense). The mask of the lone ranger makes me odd because Tonto say that the mask whole is made by bullet shoot lulz.

The Lone Ranger list of casts: link
Best scene (spoiler): When John Reid and Tonto start to rob the train, and begin with epic music: link. All the way until at the end of the movie.

My rating: 8/10
Strongly recommend this movie to everyone, mild negative issue about "Wendigo", and it didn't show how Wendigo eat human hearts (Wendigo is just a description how Tonto describe and hate about white people who kill the whole tribe in his past).

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. My hubby said Johnny tends to get famous by all those weird make up on the face, haha!

    I think I'd give this a try!

  2. another weid role for johnny depp huh he sure is an actor of many faces
    too bad my audio isn't working I can't watch it's trailer

  3. Is that a live bird (looks like a crow) on top of Tonto's head? Like their costumes

  4. Woohoo! Thks for the high rating; I'll let my hubby know!


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