Friday, July 12, 2013

[Random Interest] 東京喰種トーキョーグール Tokyo Ghoul

Was random clicking comic to read on comic chinese website, then suddenly I saw this manga titled "東京喰種 Tokyo Ghoul" by Ishida Sui, then it makes my curiosity went over 99999!

Actually this manga is talk about: there is human and ghoul sharing the same world and live together, ghoul will eventually eat human for their living. One day this boy called Kaneki Ken, he is human, and he dated a random girl that he meet her in a cafe. It turns out that this girl that Ken dated is a ghoul, when the girl is going to eat Ken, mysterious accident happen. There is a big steel beam fall down from a top building, hit right ahead the ghoul girl, then she is dead. Ken is injured, and the doctor decide to move organs from the girl in to Ken body. So . . . the journey from human become ghoul for Ken begins here.

Kaneki Ken first appearance in very first chapter of the manga. credit: link

Kaneki Ken appear in Chapter 86, credit: link

Why is my curiosity went over 99999, because I might think slightly silly again (you can just ignore my brain). Actually I think that this manga was good. If compare with Shingeki No Kyojin, this might be another great hit of manga. This manga also contain very mild gore as in ghoul are eating human flesh, but the ghoul in this manga are more civilize.

At the beginning of this story, Ken is still unacceptable about the fact that he becoming a ghoul. The story goes on, Ken slowly become stronger and he is fully utilize his power (at very recent chapter)!

If you interested to read the manga/comic, you can click the link at above (right below each picture).

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Comics, not my thing. But may be my hubs is interested, hehe.

  2. One thing I like best of this kind of cartoon is the bright sparkling eyes

  3. hmmm, today no movie review but comics?? haha.. but i also not fans of manga also~~ :p

    1. i am a avid fans of Minions at the moment wei~~ hahahahahaha!! :D

  4. i dunno manga. never a fan of manga. Only loves mangoes :P

  5. A good change from the usual movie review. Nice!

  6. Thank you! I agree this manga is amazing, the plot is both unpredictable and filled with suspense. You should review manga more often .


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