Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pacific Rim (2013)

Gypsy Danger looks thin inside this movie poster, probably illustrated movie poster looks more cooler than I thought actually. Was in the mists about this movie, I'm slightly excited to catch this movie because the trailer seems to be very high-tech and awesome.

Pacific Rim list of casts: link
One day, humanity face one of the scariest moment in their life, which is Kaiju appeared and devour humanity and destroy humans homeland, it may lead to world apocalypse. Then human start to create a new weapon for themselves called Jaeger, require 2 person to pilot it and kick Kaiju ass!

Kaiju faced the Jaeger threat, but this is just a beginning because Kaiju improve themselves each and every time they appear from the ocean. At the same time Jaeger also improve themselves too!

Jaeger and Kaiju performance in this movie is kind of funny, because all you can feel is slightly slow-mo from the action movement from them. Jaeger VS Kaiju in this movie was incredible in the city, shattering most of the building and the effect is abit too much, you might felt a little dizzy if you watch it in 3D.

Kaiju in Pacific Rim movie, photo credit: link

Gypsy Danger, one of the Jaeger in Pacific Rim movie, photo credit: link

3D effect: drizzling rain . . . and subtitle.
What I think is not cool: Jaeger can submerge under the sea, while you think the mechanical chore is burning or what.
The best of all: Raleigh didn't kiss Mako? XD

My rating: 6.5/10
Not to say a very impressive movie, probably there is tons of fans for Pacific Rim who is around 13-35 age group. Understandable about limit of Jaeger shown up in this movie, probably most of other model got destroyed by Kaiju in the past. Their government unite and also stop funding them for mass producing Jaeger, Jaeger system is also a risk which require 2 person connect their minds together and fight against Kaiju.

Power Rangers need 5 person to handle a robots (no need connect their minds), which is doesn't make sense that the robot movement speed is too fast. That is what I think Pacific Rim done a good job . . . actually.

Thanks for watching, by Kian Fai.


  1. The mechanics behind the piloting the Jaegers are actually more logical than Power Rangers.

  2. more logical than ultraman too :D

  3. Hmm, my hubs is waiting for this one, I am worry that it will looks too 'fake', cause involve all the robots and computer graphics....

    Anyway, will watch it this weekend.

  4. Ayer.. not my type of movie. Looking forward to Turbo! LoL!

  5. I've seen the trailer at it seems great and action filled,
    the effect seems great as well

  6. Yeah I was wondering how come the robot can submerge too ! hahah summore so deep inside... :D

  7. I love this movie omggg.. I just watched !!! So awesome :))))

  8. Just watched this during our staycation in Orchard. We watched it in 3D & it's not too bad tho.


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