Wednesday, June 19, 2013

World War Z (2013)

World War Z will release on 20th June (link), would like to thanks Nuffnang and ChurpChurp for the movie passes! This movie contain mild horror element, and the ending was "meh", just like After Earth movie. Wasn't really familiar about Brad Pitt acts in movie for me, I watch non of his movie (yea, which is include Ocean Eleven).

World War Z list of casts: link
There is this fella name call Fassbach, he die because he tripped himself, fall on the floor and head-shot himself. Fassbach is also so called one of the important scientist who find the cure during the mission too, to be honest dying like that wasn't make sense at all.

Every movement of the zombies and outfit was fascinating, horror enough with the messy scene shot lol.

Isreal country got the "information" (from India) about zombie invasion and complete a very "high wall" within a short time period. Israel is safe actually, too bad pupils of Israel "celebrate" their safety and begin make a very loud noise. Loud noise could attract huge amount of zombies attention, what I couldn't believe is zombies can pile them up like "human ladder", so other zombies can climb up and find the noisy source.

Gerry Lane must be in very good luck, because he immediate found his destination: W.H.O. vaccine center right after the plane crash from Israel midway towards Wales.

The ending was "meh", because the "final" mission for Gerry Lane and other 2 people is to avoid 80 zombies and retrieve some virus samples. At the end Gerry inject a small amount of virus into his body, and walk-through all the zombie like a bawls! (the cure is zombie is looking for a healthy host and infect them, they don't want to bite a sick host) There is no special infected, such as stronger version of infected.

Recently I am watching some walk-through and game-play called "The Last of Us", only on PS3 platform for now. Was very adventurous, and this movie World War Z wasn't adventurous enough yet. The quality impact of this movie is quite good from beginning of the movie until right after W.H.O vaccine center.

My rating: 4.5/10
I believe there is no 3D effect at all, NON! (I wonder how many times that GSC going to let people critic about their 3D glasses and poor 3D movie effect, not only GSC, I think other cinema which is in Malaysia too.)

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Less than 5??? Is that bad!!!

  2. I did not go for this as I don't like zombies!!!

  3. Aiyo below 5?? But I watched the trailer macam good leh!!

  4. hmmm, my friend told me that it wasn't really great! i saw the trailer it seem
    ok but then i doubt it most especially bcoz you rated it quite low haha

  5. Only 4.5? Just watched this with my family & all of us enjoyed. It was thrilling! Friends who have watched this love it too. But ours not 3D.....


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