Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Heat (2013)

The Heat was a amusingly funny movie for me, I was kinda concern Melissa McCarthy will act weird again, thanks to Identity Thief influence! If you watch Bridesmaids last 2 years ago, you might want to watch this movie too (because it is same director)! Thanks to Nuffnang for the movie passes!

Basically this movie is rated R, too much of foul language come out from McCarthy, and you need to keep this movie away from your children. Such as "Fxxk", "Dxxk", "Shxt", "Xss", these words will appear almost every minute in this movie.

Sandra Bullock looks like Michael Jackson without his shade in this movie, never have a good/happy expression on her face, which also makes me have bad dream on this morning (seriously I just can't ignore her face).

The Heat list of casts: link
My favorite part of this movie is:
1) Ashburn lie about her cat, and Mullins help her find the cat that she "lost" at the end of the movie. Then Mullins found out that Ashburn never own a cat!
2) Ashburn went berserk, show her middle finger at the meeting room, and show her middle finger when she trigger the bomb.

My rating: 4.5/10

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. No censored!!! That's good gonna to watch it!!! =]

  2. hmm, i've seen the trailer of this already and
    I kinda like it, I find it very funny
    and i just love sandra bullock

  3. Think I am going to skip this one, not my liking, hehe.


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