Thursday, June 20, 2013

Monsters University (2013)

Want to get enroll into this Monsters University? Visit this website now for more information. Nawh I wish I can join them and have fun too! Monsters University is an 3D computer-animated comedy film, it will be all over Malaysia cinema by today: 20th June. Would like to thanks Nuffnang for the movie passes and I "won" a cap from them too!

Story about: Mike is going to join Monsters University, it is his dream since his childhood. Why childhood? Because he went to visit Monstropolis during his field trip, and it inspired him to become the great scarer!

It is also where Mike and Sulli meet each other too!

It is funny to see this scene, because he is a snail . . . and he is late for his class (You can view them in the movie trailer).

Mike goes for a ride on Archie the Scare Pig.
Monster University list of voice-over: link
You might be wondering what are they doing in Monsters University right? The storyline is quite fast forward about how Sulli and Mike compete with each other, then they cause a very big trouble and Dean Hardscrabble decide to remove both of them from Scare Program. Something reminded Mike about "Scare Games" competition is happening soon in the campus, and he is force to form a team with Sulli and Oozma Kappa.

Before Monsters University movie begin, there is a short clip called "The Blue Umbrella", which I think it is cool to watch (Yes it is only cool). The image above looks like some horror PC game artwork for me lol.

I should really be glad about it (The cap, although it is written the words MU on it), thanks to Nuffnang and thanks to Iris too (She got the Monsters key chain, which is silver in color, I hope it last longer than usual lol)!

My rating: 7+/10
It doesn't bore me, and it reminds me my college life around 5-6 years back. I think college and university should implement activities like "Scare Games" for their students!

I would like to praise MBO Citta Mall, everything runs perfect smooth and fine, got a awesome movie experience with them! Wait no more and you should drive there and have a look too! (For me I rather pay slightly high/extra to experience good movie. If you got a bad experience, I am sorry for you then)

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. the movie sounds interesting, too bad i din get ! I shall watch it soon.. :D

  2. I just bought a story book for Aden, hehe.

    Plan to download this when it's available, and watch with Aden ;)

  3. well, i've been waiting for this movie!
    such animation never fail to amaze me

  4. I think its gonna be nice. Cant wait to watch it this weekend.
    And haha MU cap....go go manchester united! Blek:p
    If u dont want give me k?

    -ur clan junior-

  5. My friends say good movie. I hope to catch this with son

  6. Yeah! I was hoping you'll give a good review as I don't wanna be disappointed. I love animation!

  7. A bit disappointed with the ending of the movie. nuuu. :(


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