Monday, June 24, 2013

Man of Steel (2013)

Personal opinion, I really liked Man of Steel movie. It wasn't bore at all (because I see many people complain about it), beginning of this movie mostly talk about mixture feelings of his childhood: how he rescue people, and how he going through is life without using his super strength (when he got bullied by other same age when he was a kid). A very meaningful (not sure is SIBEH meaningful or not) Superman movie, but when comes to action scene, you might be slightly disappoint with it.

Many people also complain about their action effect, strongly reflect from Dragon Ball Z. Actually I didn't watch Dragon Ball Z (movie) BUT I watched their video / short clip already, it looks kinda hellish for me when I watch the video. Man of Steel is totally fine with their action effect created in this movie!

Man of Steel list of casts: link
Very interesting movie, fueled with power and impact. Not as long as Dark Knight Rises, I somehow felt it is  not enough for me (probably they express Superman childhood too short).

My rating: 7/10
I don't wish to spoil you, just go and watch it in the cinema!
Man of Steel official website: link

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  1. It's actually too long but rushed as well. Not the better than the old Superman but still okay.
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  2. I watched it last Sunday, nice!! Kal is so so so hot!! Especially his body, hehehe :p

  3. I think by far this is the best super man movie!
    the story was well conducted it wasn't past phased
    the fighting was very great and the actors most especially the villain
    did a very good job

  4. I'm disappointed he no longer wears his red underwear on the outside..


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