Friday, May 10, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

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So . . . did you join Kirk and Spock at Star Trek (2009), if you haven't, do watch it because it relate how Kirk and Spock meet and how Kirk join the enterprise. Star Trek Into Darkness is about Kirk try to hunt down this man called Khan, because he create a chaos at enterprise headquarter and Christopher Pike is dead on the spot, then Kirk tracked his location (vie Khan destroyed ship) then decide to capture him.

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Star Trek Into Darkness list of casts: link
This star trek movie got such a huge improvement if compare with first star trek movie on year 2009 (actually I think it is almost the same rating, but this time is much more better), such as awesome visual and sound effect, I would recommend you guys watch it in IMAX or IMAX 3D.

[Spoiler] If you watch the trailer, capturing Khan is a difficult mission but at the end Khan himself surrender himself towards Kirk because Kirk treat him and say that he is going to fire many torpedo towards his location. Have you wondered why? It is time to purchase this movie ticket and watch it! General release date for this movie is 16th of May, and practically you can purchase movie ticket via TGV/GSC now (tomorrow night).

[Mega Spoiler from houhousek] Spock himself decide to enter cheat code and look for the solution to defeat Khan when Khan decide to turn over and treat him and Kirk. Spock is seeking help from . . . ?

There is more than 3 cut scene in this movie, nothing important actually . . .

My rating: 8.5/10
I hope this short post doesn't bore you, and I cannot post too much spoiler in here else you guys will not going to watch it lulz! It is a good movie, worth to watch it and I might gonna catch it for second time! Probably in IMAX!

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  1. the suit they use to flew over via tube to the other spaceship reminds me of Tron

  2. well it wouldn't be one of the most aniticipated films for nothing!
    i haven't watch star trek yet tho

  3. Guessd I will have to watch the other first before catching this

  4. Can't wait to watch this on Sat!!!

  5. i like this movie more than Ironman 3 :p hehehehe it's so much better in my opinion :D

  6. I dunno they got star trek 2009 until u wrote it. lol

  7. Movie duration quite long but it's nice :D

  8. Looks like a good movie to watch! : )

  9. Wow, that's a high rating from u! I'm sure it's gonna be a great movie!


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