Monday, May 13, 2013

Dim Sum @ 聚一堂 JYT Restaurant, Taipan USJ 10, Subang Jaya

JYT Restaurant is located at Taipan USJ 10, Subang Jaya (opposite Starbucks Coffee), open around last year April. Just have it yesterday tea time (around 4pm+), less people on that timing and each of the Dim Sum need to heat up and cook again, and basically the food I having there is fresh served.

Not so sure the pricing is standard or not, somehow I felt that the pricing is unusual costy than what I had in other restaurant. Or it may be the shop rental in Taipan USJ 10 is unusual expensive, that's why!

糯米鸡 Glutinous Rice with Chicken, RM 4.50
The taste was good, but I've taste better Loh Mai Kai which is near my workplace (Klang). Portion is smaller and I believe you can get 2 Loh Mai Kai with RM 4.50 (which is normal Loh Mai Kai alright).

沙律虾角 Deep Fried Shrimp Dumplings, RM 4.50
Average taste with Mayonnaise sauce, crunchy, and it really meet your requirement (意思是说:满足你的口味).

虾饺 Har Gaw (Shrimp Dumplings), RM 4.50
One of the "almost perfect" dim sum that I had eaten these few months (I think), which is the skin doesn't broke it off easily. It is very nice to bite this Har Gaw, but it doesn't have any shrimp taste at all, it is like biting a tasteless meet inside your mouth.

潮州粉 Teawchew Style Dumplings, RM 4.50
Typical Teawchew Dumplings cost RM 4.50, and it doesn't worth it at all. Probably I am not peanut fans into dim sum, and the "pouch" is easily broken which makes my plate into chaos lol.

百花烧卖 Mixed Siu Mai, RM 4.50
Not sure why they call this mixed siu mai, all I can taste is normal siu mai.

蒸鱼卖 Steamed Fish Balls, RM 5.00
Standard taste of fish ball with standard size, not bad.

鸡窝包 Chicken Bun, RM 5.00
Chicken Bun comes with wrapped up with the bun, it can easily pull out the bun like a long string, there is also plenty of chicken meat and mushroom inside only.
Somehow I think that I feel weird about this version of chicken bun is standard type of chicken bun, and I think there is better version of chicken bun which is over here!

Total bill it cost me around RM 67.20 for 2 person only (me and my younger bro, both of us is big eater), it was a "good" meal, wasn't plan to going back to this restaurant again for dim sum unless someone "cheng" (treat) me, lulz.

I can still remember that there is typical trend in Klang last few years ago, which is tons of "expensive or highclass" restaurant dim sum open at the same time, same row of shop-lots. And now I think the trend was going well anymore because the current food trend is replaced by special burger.

JYT Restaurant address:
No. 48, Jalan USJ 10/1B, UEP Subang Jaya, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Business Hour: Open for whole day until 9pm (not sure which day rest)
FB Pages: link

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. this is such a mouth watering post first second and las dish looks great and yummy

  2. KL/PJ surely have lots of dim sum restaurants, and their dim sum are almost the same one, hehe...

  3. all my time in Klang valley, I only had Jin Xuan dim sum till today.. not really keen to try others, but maybe i should to explore :)

  4. the chicken bun looks good! bo jio! :P

  5. ooh the har kaw looks good! but prices are slightly on the higher side for penang standards :P

  6. bo jio! hahaha but I always go to the another shop for dim sum in taipan ;p

  7. dim sum sedappp///ok ma the price... same like Jin Xuan.. but the level of deliciousness i dont know la..hehe!! U so kuat makan.. next time ajak friend go la... can eat more mah!!

  8. I scared to eat dim sum. Can be very expensive after taking this and that.

  9. looks good, but, wow .. yummy bill :D

  10. the lo mai kai looks good!!! but RM 4.50 T.T

  11. The chicken bun is very special & looks tasty too!

  12. Usj 21 Great Taste Hong Kong Dim Sum, the dim sum place that i always had when i stay in USJ


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