Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Host (2013)

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Happy Sunday everyone! Today morning I attended Malaysia's Largest Lotus Convoy Gathering (all the way from Lotus Sg. Penchala towards Pavilion Kuala Lumpur) + The Host screening at Pavilion, thanks to Nuffnang & Nusantara Edaran Filem for giving this opportunity, I really got all the fun & experiences today. I would love to share with you guys about my experiences soon as possible in next post, and obviously I am going to talk about The Host movie in this post.

Sources: Planet earth invaded by alien, called "Souls". Take over control human body and live on the earth. "Souls" controlled 12 planet in the universe (base on Wanda story), my guess is they took control human body (or living creatures) in order to survive, if they didn't "implant" themselves into human body, they will kept inside a special steel container. Once their body got controlled by "Souls", both of the eyes will glow "shiny" in silver or white colour surround the black eyeballs.

In this movie, you can see few Chrome-clad Lotus Evora driven by "Seeker". To be frank here, there is no special tricks played by the car, there is 1 scene that Evora smashed into the back of lorry, kinda heart ache when seeing Evora got smashed in that way.

Saoirse Ronan as Melanie / Wanda.
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Total time of this movie is around 2hours++, I felt that this movie is kind of fast forward. Because starting of this movie already talk about (incoming spoiler) : Melanie got captured, then "Healer" heal the wounds of Melanie and implant Wanda "Wanderer" into her brain (to take control of her). After that, "Seeker" start to investigate Melanie background and also trace other survivor whereabouts, I suspect that "Wanderer" first time feel the love from human between Melanie & Jared, then Wanda personality is more "weak" compare with their own same kind of alien. Melanie command Wanda, beg her to run away from the "prison" and go all the way towards survivor hideout. I think I shall stop typing spoiler over here, else this blog-post will be long like hell lol!

My rating: 2/5
Emily Browning appear at last part of this movie, was very disappointing about it because her looks is very odd! Almost all the kissing scene got cut from the movie, and it is very funny to watch this movie (because it involve towards 4 person complicated love, because Wanda & Melanie counted as 2 person lol). It is also funny that their Aliens live more than 10,000 years with high intelligent, they only import their intelligent / knowledge but didn't really fully utilize it and use to build a better place.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Love the cool eyes! But 2/5 only ar?? Aiseh...

  2. well that author sure loves love triangle! haha well no wonder why it has too low rating

  3. So you gave low rating because of the kissing part were censored. :p

  4. So many people have watched this, even though the ranking so low but I still have to watch it!!!

  5. I have the book but have yet to read

  6. You are right, not everyone is smart, aliens are stupid too. lol


  7. nope.. i am not into this film... especially that the creator is the same person who created Twilight.. dunno.. maybe I am her hater LOL

  8. I hate Twilight so I will hate this show too! LOL!


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