Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Malaysia's Largest LOTUS Convoy Gathering‏

Yellow! I am so glad that I got invited to this Lotus Convoy Gathering on Sunday morning, thanks to Nusantara Edaran Filem, Lotus Car Malaysia & Nuffnang Malaysia, got the chance that sit in one of the Lotus Evora from the Showroom to Pavilion and back to the Showroom again. The Lotus showroom is right opposite of IKEA, across the LDP highway, convoy start from the showroom to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. One of the major purpose of Lotus Convoy Gathering is because about this Chrome-clad Lotus Evora driven in the movie called The Host.

Morning around 8am, briefing about the Convoy Gathering with NEF staffs, everyone is getting ready by changing The Host red color t-shirt.

While waiting the Convoy begin, I went to snap car photos that placed around showroom.

Err . . . Lotus Elise?

Lotus Exige S - Front View

Lotus Exige S - Back View

Lotus Evora (Orange) - Front View

Lotus Evora (Orange) - Back View

 Random stuffs in the Showroom such as trophies, rims, exhaustpipe & etc.

Brace yourself readers, here come the mass photo of Lotus cars photo! Enjoy!

 Snapped a photo with one of the Lotus Evora.

Lotus Exige S (with Big 3), such a coincidence that this car was display at the opening of Lotus showroom (link).

When Chrome-clad Lotus Evora appears, many people went up and snap photo for it. Lucky me that I manage to snap one shot of it.

Inside the Lotus Evora passenger seat view.

Driver of the day: Joel, sales consultant for Lotus Car Malaysia. A very skillful driver and fun person to talk with, Thanks Joel!

On the way from Lotus Car Malaysia showroom towards Pavilion, the road was "damn" clear because there was traffic police clear the road.

 As soon as we reach Pavilion,  we need to wait others Lotus cars (Elise/Exige) slowly driving in and park at the main entrance area of Pavilion.

Spotted one of the shutterbugs Jackie!

Also spotted Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad.

All the Lotus Evora park at the same spot, people who walk pass Pavilion couldn't stop themselves and snap photo.

Chrome-clad Lotus Evora was driven by Natasha Seatter, it was the lead of the convoy. Natasha Seatter also best known as fastest and youngest female driver in Asia region. On the right hand side inside the photo was her mum.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and Natasha Seatter.

Not to forget to snap a photo with Chrome-clad Lotus Evora!
After that there is a screening of The Host around 11am plus, here goes my movie review.

It was a great fun experience sit in one of the Lotus Evora, the height of the car was very low indeed. Luckily I always sit in Proton Wira, consider super low type of car, or else I will feel like I was sitting on the floor lol. When we (me and Benjamin with another 2 drivers) on our way back to the Lotus Cars Malaysia showroom, we get to experience the extreme speed of Lotus car and we consider lucky because the traffic on that day wasn't congested at all.

If I am too rich, the first sport-car I would buy is Lotus Evora, with striking light orange paint. Hahaha "if" lah! Why? Stable and nice handling!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. cool.. that feels like playing hot wheels in real life haha.. I love the yellow Bumble-bee like car .. awesome

  2. haha can you imagine how my eyes are wide open! i like them all! if i'll be a billionnaire
    car is something i will be collecting hahaha!
    anyway they seems to be transforming anytime

  3. The Lotus cars look really cool! : )

  4. Wah, great round-up of super cars!


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