Monday, April 15, 2013

Iron Man 3: My Way

Hello, I would like to tell you guys that this post is just a contest post presented by Nuffnang and Walt Disney Studio Motion Studios. If you wish to take part and know more about information, please click the link yo!

I was at TGV Sunway Pyramid yesterday evening for movie called Saving General Yang, then I saw this group of Iron Man toys present right between at Citibank counter & popcorn counter.

To win a movie ticket to watch Iron Man 3 with other Nuffnanger, I am require to create my customize suit and tell the whole world!

To create a customize suit, I am going to name my suit "UltraBuster". Why "UltraBuster"?
Because the suit I created got finisher move in "siege mode", there is 2 mode in this suit actually.
Current image at above show that this suit is in 1st mode (it's in cool-down mode, haven't being taunt and warm up yet), which is in light armor mode allow this suit move faster than 2nd mode: siege mode. Able to scout freely by flying at the sky and travel under the sea. Able to detect danger of environment and able to prevent damage from surprise attack!

What inspire me to create this suit? Talk about Iron Man suit, my friend have been saying that there is still more suit in Iron Man comic story. Some people on the internet even listing some of the Iron Man suits appear inside the Iron Man 3 trailer (link)!

I more fancy towards Hulkbuster pattern, then I try to blend in my idea and Gundam Heavyarms in this suit. Gundam Heavyarms is my childhood favorite when I saw it in some toy shop, that time I don't have any cash to buy it and now I don't think that I will buy it either.

"UltraBuster" 2nd mode: siege mode, which is heavy and slightly reduce movement speed.
Basically the suit I created is environment friendly, because I invent "Arc Vacumn Tech" (the vacumn suck AIR ONLY to create air bullet and also prevent jam inside the vacumn function) right below both of the leg. So the weapon in this suit will only fire air bullet and damage the enemy. Both of the shoulder and hand machine gun casing is for melee range, activate siege mode with melee combat is super effective!

This may be crazy but "UltraBuster" suit is the fastest suit even thou in siege mode, the "Arc Vacumn Tech" will boost the movement speed of this suit by cycling the air in and out and also allow this suit to move almost with the speed of light, but it can only use once and recharge for around 5 minutes (only 2nd mode: siege mode have this ability).

Do you see there is 4 sticks behind this suit? Those are canon for long range usage, which is allow this suit fire a long range air bullet to the target, it also can fire 4 air bullet at the same time! For air bullet supply, it will constant depends on the "Arc Vacumn Tech".  I did mention about "UltraBuster" got finisher move right? The finisher move is gather much air as possible in short period time and fire everything towards the enemy, it is simple as that! It will be so wrong I yell "Kamehameha" while using finisher move with this suit, LOL! That is why I name this suit called "UltraBuster", the amount of air bullet use for finisher move is TOO MUCH!

What do you think about the suit I created? Wish me luck okay? Hehe!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: Image above is created by me Kian Fai, idea and inspiration already mention in this post!


  1. all da best bro! i think u can wear that iron man suit u designed! :)

  2. well it seems pretty tough! haha i wish our nuffnang also have such contest i'm an iron man fan!

  3. This looks like war machine ler. :D

  4. All the best to you bro. And really designed it your way. ;D

  5. At first I thought it's the Iron Man 3 movie review! Haha!

    Nice Iron Man!

  6. Hope I'm not too late in wishing u all the best! After a mth's break, I'm finally back blogging! Looks like I'm missing out a lot here. Trying to catch up with your posts. Lost count of how many I've commented..... did I break your record?? Hahaha!


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