Friday, April 26, 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013)

Hello, first of all I would like to thanks Nuffnang for the movie ticket and the merchandise (for more info, please go to my contest post for Iron Man 3 movie screening), I was "kind of" enjoy watching this movie and I was impress the way of Iron Man and Jarvis fighting the villains. Was kind of piss about the character name called Mandarin & Aldrich Killian, their characteristic is totally different from the original characteristic (such as power and origins). You gotta brace yourself, because I gonna post out many spoiler in this post, stay tune!

Ben Kingsley as Mandarin (original comic character: link)
I convince myself that this Mandarin is in movie version of Mandarin, end up the real Mandarin is Aldrich Killian. This old dude here is just a actor, there is nothing about 10 rings in his hand and there is also nothing about 10 different finger blast / beam. Mandarin from comic is all the way from China and using Chinese army, but this movie fake Mandarin provide false information about using Pakistan army and provoke president of united state.

Guy Pearce as Aldrich Killian (original comic character: link)
This is the "Mandarin" in this movie, he possess the power of "flame of touch" by inject Extremis serum in his body. The most laughable moment is he breath fire when fight with James Rhodes, James and Aldrich assistant Savin was in the state of shock when Aldrich throw fire breath. He also create bunch of super soldiers by injecting Extremis serum in their body, Extremis is a unstable serum that many human can't even control it, it may overrun whole body and explode if the person cannot control it.

One of the touching moment in this movie is about the appearance bunch of Iron Man suit, command by Tony Stark communicate with Jarvis.
Tony Stark summon them is to use them to fight bunch of the Extremis super soldiers under command of Aldrich Killian. While Tony Stuck + Iron Man suit army VS Aldrich Killian aka Mandarin + Extremis Super Soldiers, you can see many suit being torn apart and being destroyed by enemy. One of the best scene in this movie is Tony Stark command Jarvis to destroy all the suit while hugging Pepper Potts, fireworks is everywhere and they are celebrating Christmas in their time, is also show that how much Tony Stark express his love towards Pepper Potts.

Where did all these suit come from? Actually these suit is created by Tony Stark, he himself seldom sleep and I think that he didn't even realize himself creating this many suit and store it in his very special storage in his mansion.

Iron Man 3 list of casts: link

My rating: 6/10
Most of the good points goes to Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark aka Iron Man, the flying gloves / boots, merge of suit fragments was very impressive. Autopilot suit is one of the fresh method seen in this Iron Man movie series.
Before the screening, I am very excited for the movie and expect something more greater from the villains. I seriously telling myself that "I am going to watch 2nd time if the movie is very good.", at the end, there is no 2nd time for me to watch this movie, because the villains side is so disappointing. Please DO click the original character comic link to find out how awesome is Mandarin super power, 10 rings in 10 different finger was dam cool ok!
If you are huge fans of Iron Man, you might complain this movie from "in" towards "out". For those who didn't even read the comic, you might think that this movie is one of the best movie in this year.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Absolutely loved it. Watched it twice today and LOL I think we're watching our third round next week. Definitely in IMAX 3D like what we did this morning. More justice to the movie!

  2. I had to leave midway. Ethan was way too sleepy to go on :(

  3. When i saw that the Mandarin is fake, I was so disappointed. Comic seems so much better!

  4. I am so looking forward to this one!!

  5. I so love this movie! my favorite marvel hero or superhero of all!
    i will definitely watch that! I think ben ingsley played the role of (fake)mandarin so well I dont know what is yet to expect i saw a lot of spoilers already ahaha
    and of course robert downey was my ideal ironman

  6. saw heavy ads on this right now....maybe i will catch this one

  7. Can't wait to watch this movie!!! =]

  8. the mandarin (c'mon a fake actor?) spoils the whole movie...

  9. I watched this movie the other day & kinda like it. But the two guys just commented it was just so-so.


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