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叶问:终极一战, Ip Man: The Final Fight (2013)

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Good News to all Ip Man movie series fan, but probably not a very good news for Donnie Yen fans LOL! This movie was out at whole Malaysia cinema around 28th of March, 2013. Out of many Ip Man movie series that Tony listed out in his post, I only watch this movie (probably I was super busy or didn't trust any Chinese movie last time). This movie is totally out of my expectation, because the story-line seems to be very different than I imagined. Last time I use to watch TV drama about Bruce Lee life story, then Yip Man character was very very old man with a white haired and long beard (probably because Anthony Wong looks, hmmm yeah!).

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Eric Tsang & Anthony Wong sparring scene in this movie, was very exciting when watch them fight with fist to fist. Because I know Eric Tsang as famous host for comedy show known as "Movie Buff Championship" (超级无敌掌门人), and the comedy show got a super long season of it, I also can't believe with my own eyes that Eric Tsang can be very strong in this sparring scene.

Not sure if I should recommend this movie or not, because it seems that there is tons of young actor & actress in this movie, probably Anthony Wong and Eric Tsang (include Xiong Xin Xin and Ken Lo) is the most experienced actor in bunch of them. This movie also majority talk about life of Yip Man when he travel to Hong Kong, trying his luck to survive in there with teaching "Wing Chun" to his students which is recruit in there.

My rating: 6.5/10
Zhou Chu Chu is the bomb in this movie, one of the main reason to watch this movie.

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  1. well i love asian fight scenes!
    that makes this interesting
    disappointed on the ratings tho

  2. The main purpose of this film is more on the complex of the characters than the action. It's not as entertaining but it's not total crap as well. WeChat Party 2013

  3. I was a bit disappointed too after learning that it was not Donnie's Yen movie. Ha ;D

  4. Then again I am looking forward to watching this movie. :D

  5. i haven't watched any of the Ip Man series but I am fully aware of this movie

  6. honestly.. i am not really into action film unless it's stephen chow or Jackie Chan.. or those action fights with some comical scenes at the same time hehe

  7. Gonna to watch this on this saturday!!! =]

  8. ip man final fight is on youtube already! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UmQdtzkIwk

    This has no relation to Donnie Yen' ip man. Ip man 3 by Donnie Yen might be produced end of this year and be out 2015!

  9. Wow..surprised that Eric Tsang is acting in this!

  10. Hmmm only 5.5? so low rating ah.. dont think i will bother to watch la

  11. Hmm, don't know why, I don't like Anthony Wong's movies one.. 对他有一种反感, LOL xD


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