Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Identity Thief (2013)

Movie title Identity Thief obviously stated the meaning of it, which means the guy identity got stolen by women on the right (in this poster). You might get attracted to watch this movie due to the movie trailer, but actually this movie was very boring. I am kind of impatient when I watch first 20 minutes due to I didn't sleep early last night, afterward the movie went quite smooth for me, and I did laugh at some certain part of this movie.

Not to say the best of the best, the joke they are telling inside this movie, they will kept on repeating it for more than 3 times. The jokes about Sandy balls or dxck got burn in accident can repeat it for more than 2 times, the jokes about between Sandy and officer can repeat twice and it is not even more than 5 minutes.

The bad-ass in this movie was kind of crappy too, there is total of 3 person (2 person is together and hire a skiptracer) suppose work together and capture Diana. At last, they "killing" each other because 2 of them decide to get rid of skiptracer (because he failed his mission) and skiptracer decide to fight back. 

Identity Thief list of casts: link
Watching this movie is like listening to a parrot saying same thing at the same time, wouldn't heavy recommend this movie.

My rating: 3/10
At the mean time I was attracted to some nice movie trailer video on youtube, enjoy R.I.P.D. coming around this year August!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Raitng so low? I was thinking to watch this movie!!! =[

  2. Just watched Iron Man 3 last night and it's soooo goood!!! xD

  3. why 3 i think, this movie is quite good i mean i was kinda hilarious

  4. The movie is good for me either... ill give it a six... it's light but likeable .. I love melissa mccarthy

  5. Huh, only 3?? Saw the trailer & seemed like a fun movie leh.


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