Monday, April 22, 2013

毒战, Drug War (2013)

Drug War movie is about a guy name called  "Chai", breathed in too much drug then drive, end up he and his car crash towards a shop. The other side at toll, group of people smuggle drug from state to state and face off with polices. While investigate drug smuggling issue at the toll, one of the police found out that there is 2 vehicle, suspect that they are drug dealer and it is related towards "Chai".

This time Louis Koo (古天乐) is portray as drug dealer and he got captured by police due to he got a accident because suck in too much drugs when the drug factory exploded. His acting is kind of bad ass in this movie, he immediate become coward when face polices and beg for chances to help the polices to complete their task, at the same time he didn't provide full information to polices, end up some of the polices died and injured while exchange fire with people who process drugs at drug factory.

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The story of polices and incident is in China and "Chai" is from Hong Kong, [spoiler] this time the polices face one of the most difficulty task. I can say that some of this movie scene is quite impressive and many of the scene such as ending is unpredictable too.

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Sun Hong Lei (孙红雷) as Captain Zhang, captain of police squad who is investigating the case of drug dealers. He need portray himself as one of the drug dealers, he also force to consume the drug to gain trust from the drug dealers.

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Guo Tao (郭涛) and Li Jing (李菁), both of the portray as deaf person and work in drug factory. The most unpredictable part of this movie is about both of them, who is very skillful with gun combats and they wearing bullet proof vest all the time no matter where they go, they combating with police like a boss!

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My rating: 5.5/10
I'm not sure for you guys that this movie is worth to watch or not, I think this movie consider not bad to watch because of Louis Koo bad ass character with another 2 deaf person.

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  1. whoa another action packed movie ahh!
    Aside to the martial arts fightings i was also fascinated with gun battles haha

  2. of the photos you put up...the shot guy can still be so calmed...Haha :D A bit unreal. I mean of course it is unreal.

  3. Louis Koo alsway so yau yeng la :p

  4. Wah got leng zai Koo here!!
    He is not young anymore but then still so good looking, right? ;)

  5. Yah, he's such an bad ass in the film, kill everyone just to run for himself!!! =[

  6. I like this kind of movie tho' sometimes HK movies can be a bit over....


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