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Baileys Choc Mousse Cake by

THIS is the first time I heard about Alcohol Cake in my life! I would like to thanks Eddie from Cake Tella, giving me opportunity to taste the HOMEMADE cake. My first impression for this cake, it is "heavy" because I hold it with my left hand only. Heavy can be many kinds of meaning actually, such as prepare to doze me off? Or prepare to drunk me with this alcohol cake ASAP! LOL! Not only heavy, this cake looks like it can really suit into any kinds of occasion such as valentines, birthday, anniversary & etc. This cake not suitable to our Islam friend (non-halal wut!) and people who allergy towards alcohol, too bad.

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This cake contain 3 shoots of Baileys (around 120ml).
If you want to know more about Baileys, you can click here for more information!

1.2kg - RM 95.00 (size is around 9")
Cake Tella got this policy, which is risky for me (because I business man mah lol), they will give you 100% refunds and a 50% discount on the next order IF the cake seriously doesn't meet your standard.

Look at the amount of Hazelnut (Caramelized) that spread on top of the cake! No worry about, the Hazelnut is not hard to bite at all (because my mind think that Hazelnut is very hard to bite), the Hazelnut is very crunchy, and basically you are crunching Alcohol Caramelized Hazelnut lulz!

At very first bite, I couldn't feel any alcohol taste at all. After few bites of the cake, then you can taste the Baileys shoot boiling in your stomach and wide-spread inside your tongue.

A close up with the cake.
Another little suggestion of mine, taste the alcohol cake in different temperature: It is either hot or cold. If you are drinker, you might get my meaning! You will see some people drink their liquor with ice or without ice. If you drink liquor without ice, you get the burning taste from the liquor and burn your throat; same as alcohol cake, you leave the cake slightly warm, the strong taste of Baileys will pour out when you place the cake into your mouth.

There is 2 little chocolate man (in gingerbread shape) on top of the cake right? They are the key of the cake, or probably when you serve this cake to your guest right? Many people will literary grab the chocolate man and put it inside their mouth. The best thing about this chocolate man is . . . one of the ingredient to create this chocolate man is popping candy. You can automatically CON your guest to make them eat "popping chocolate man" and excite the surround atmosphere.

If you wish to order the cake with extra "popping chocolate man" or more customization  you can request from Eddie!
Cake Tella founded by Eddie Tan, he shared a very inspiring article on his blog. I believe he is one of the few baker that bake alcohol cake in Malaysia? (LOL) He is still in research & develop for his alcohol cake, trying to bring up something new & surprise into the Malaysia market! Eddie, I would like to wish you luck, fully colorize & bring more surprise to your lovely client!

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Some information is obtain from, such as Baileys, Cake ingredient knowledge and etc. Of course the taste that I described is speak out from my mouth and think it from my brain!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. i my mouth water for that literally haha!
    cute design and it seems yummy

  2. Wow...alcohol cake? My first time hearing it as well. :D

  3. Now, this cake is impressive! Looking to taste one in near future!


  4. delicious!

  5. wah....100% refund and guarantee wor...good leh.......

    1. my bday coming soon...anyone gonna buy me one ? LOL

  6. wow, looks gooding yo~ wish to have a bite of the choc cake~

  7. amazing... the generous amount of the caramelized hazelnuts was shocking, the smooth yet nutty texture must be super duper good

  8. Haha tried this too! It was nice and yum indeed! :D

  9. u never heard before mehhh ?alcohol cake.. ;P

    But seriously, the cake looks fabulous! *OM NOM NOM NOM!*

  10. What is popping candy? Why no video to show what happened to you after you ate that popping candy? :(

  11. It looks gooooooood! And it contains alcohol wahahha :P!

  12. wow, it really looks and sounds yummy~licious!! i love those caramelized topping!! yummmzz....

  13. I love Baileys & created a Baileys Oreo Cheesecake sometime ago which drew a tremendous response! Lucky u! Would love to try this too!


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