Tuesday, March 5, 2013

#nuffnangis6 #NNBB2013 @ LUST, KL

Nuffnang is 6th this year! It is happening on last Saturday @ LUST, Kuala Lumpur! Thank you Nuffnang for giving me such opportunity to join & celebrate Nuffnang birthday and here is my contest post about my music from Deezer! I was late for almost one hour because of traffic problem around Kuala Lumpur. LUST itself is a very small club, due to the massive crowd the temperature is raising hot & hotter! Please beware that I am going to post image with short description only, hope you don't mind about it.

Party starting with a great dance performance from School Brotherz!

 Timothy giving a very short & inspirational speech before the party getting started. At the same time I thought he is singing (when I editing the picture).

Darren, one of the busy Nuffies in the house on that night!

Darren with DJ Ashley!

With Chutipond, my plus-1 on that night. A

Finally! Took a picture with DJ Ashley! She is so gorgeous!

With Nuar, know him from Genting Tribal Halloween Event! One of the awesome guy I believe!

Hotty Chutipond & DJ Ashley in the house!

It is very crowded in the house and you can see almost everyone is standing actually, the cocktail on that night is typical sweet for me, and actually I liked it.

Next is singing performance from Rendra Zawawi.

With Bendan, the blur blue girl! LOL!

 Mini group photo with ElwynBendan, and Benjamin.

With Sha, the Teh Tarik Drinker!

With Avelynn.

With Anne Lee.

With Darren again! Thank you for helping me seek for balloon!

 With Joel, he is superb fan of Running Man! Remember check his blog and read his Running Mondays post.

With Benjamin, the fella who getting hensem n hensem lol. *kidding*

Thanks again Darren for helping me find the Digi balloon, was surprise about the song I wasn't expecting got chosen for the birthday playlist.

All the Nuffies is singing Happy Birthday song with Timothy!

Several moment right after singing birthday song, halfpast6 was the last performer for that birthday night, it was awesome.

All the Nuffies & Churpies decide to take group photo before the event end.

Practically this year goodie bag got a packet of koala's biscuit, Oxylitol gum, and other stuff from goodie bag is not eatable (ada Chef Wan aku ingat boleh makan nih!). I think last year goodie bag is better (click this image & view it), because from the middle of the link image, you will see there is pcs of souvenir to prove that I've attend #nuffnangis5. Never-mind about it anyways, there is pcs of mask that I can use it SOON!

Please ignore some photo that I am showing my "stone" face, due to stress towards massive work and thinking lots of stuff recently. Hope that I can overcome it soon as possible within a short period.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. woooooo. i did not go for it :X. Looks like a lot of fun there

  2. Nuffnang is 6th this year?? so who are the Top 5?? haha..

    1. wah so cool, such a great celebration event!! and you got the chance to meet up so many great bloggers.. :)

    2. you had fun and also brought back so many goodies!! very useful and practical from the sponsors.. like!!

  3. wahhh.. happening event..


  4. Hi,

    I forgotten I've been to which birthday bash but I wished them all the best and success for more years to come!


  5. Looks like you had a great time! Cause able to take photos with so many leng luis! ^^

  6. That's lots of fun pictures. No need to describe coz the pics tell the fun night out really well!

  7. that was a great event hop our nuffnang do something like this too
    anyways there's a lot of sexy and lovely girls around there huh

  8. And again.. I did not make it to the Bday bash this year :'(

  9. aiyarr next time must show happy face during party ya :D

    Latest: I Have Too Much Body Fat!

  10. wow, looks so fun~ thanks for sharing~ haha

  11. U look really cute in those shots! Lots of fun, huh?


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