Monday, March 11, 2013

新兵正传 II, Ah Boys to Men 2 (2013)

To be very honest, I watch "Ah Boys to Men" via online streaming on beginning of last month, and I didn't realize part 1 of the movie came out around November 2012, it is one of my biggest mistake that miss the part 1 of this movie on Cinema screen. Never mind about it anyways! "Ah Boys to Men 2" is hereby to bring you towards the story climax, and I bet that many people will slightly tears OR got the feel to tears inside this movie.

"Ah Boys to Men" & "Ah Boys to Men 2", story base on theme of the definitive path for all young men in Singapore's National Service (NS), no real war-zone / war-fight involved in this movie. With the directing style of Jack Neo, this movie infuse pure fun & pure comedy element which is makes me burst out laughter.

"Ah Boys to Men" mostly talk about the fear of entering National Service, Ken was disturbed when enter NS because his girl friend is heading oversea real soon. Ken uncle always brainwash Ken and teach him how to get medical certificate from medical officer. "Ah Boys to Men 2" is about Ken decide to change himself to positive side, due to his dad showed him how important is him inside his dad heart and his dad always wanted Ken to become one of the good soldier and don't learn all the bad stuffs from his uncle. While Ken inside the training for NS, other members that same dorm with Ken was kinda dramatic and many issue happen! "Ah Boys to Men 2" story was wonderful, as long as you watch "Ah Boys to Men", then you will fully understand the story when you watch "Ah Boys to Men 2".

My rating: 7.5/10
Simple, fun to watch, I got a great laugh about it! Ah Boys to Men 2 will be out 
in Malaysia Cinema on 14th March, 2013!

Feel free to drop by their FB pages for more information, many thanks towards MM2 Entertainment & Nuffnang for the invitation!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Hmm, seems like you give it a high rating!

    I dint even watch the part I, well, may be just wait to download it.. hehe..

  2. i heard that it's funny all the way through.

  3. I missed the first part, and I don't think I'll watch the second part in the cinema. Will wait for TV or DVD :)

    Anyway, I always enjoy Jack Neo's movies - very meaningful and touching.

  4. it must be great having an installment means a lot in film making

  5. tears you say? interesting story indeed for this.

  6. and at first i thought you were referring to the boy band haha

  7. seems like one funny movie huhu and the rating you gave is pretty good...must be a good one

  8. I watch the first part and it is hilarious! can't wait for the 2nd part! :D

  9. Hey Edmend, I've watched Part I & love it! Can't wait to watch this too :)

  10. nice to watch seen it already :D hehe..


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