Friday, March 1, 2013

Dining with Chew Family @ 天然素食餐馆 Nature's Vegetarian, SS14 Subang Jaya

Chinese New Year end very fast, at the same time I felt glad that I really get lots of rest on first few days of CNY. What I did is I didn't go to cyber cafe and drown myself for more than 10hours, I stayed at home and went to visit my friend (once). The last day of CNY (元宵节), I decide to join dinner with my parent & relative because I got the chance to meet up with all of them one shot!

天然素食餐馆, Nature's Vegetarian Restaurant (M) Sdn Bhd
Address: 52, Jalan SS14/2, Subang Jaya, 45700 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel: 03-5634 3612

Vegetarian Yee Sang, similar taste with other nomal Yee Sang which is serving with "salmon".

Vegetarian Four Season Platter, vegetarian food nowadays not only looks very real towards normal food which is contain "meat", it's also taste very similar as well. You can see that there is "prawn" or "pork", it reminds me what I always eat last time when I still young while it is CNY season.

Vegetarian "beggar chicken (乞丐鸡)", not sure it is beggar chicken or not because I think I didn't eat beggar chicken for more than 10 years (I think). There is tons of mushrooms inside and I bet many people who eat vegetarian may be very interested in this dish.

Vegetarian "shark-fin" soup, standard taste of soup and it is gravy because of mixture of ingredients (not sure what ingredient to make the soup gravy).

Vegetarian "fish cake", I liked this dish because the taste is almost taste exactly same as the fish we eat nowadays, and it taste better! What I dislike is: we got 14 people and the restaurant serve only 3 pcs of "fish cake" and I hate cucumber floating on the sauce.

Beancurd (Taufu in our dialect), middle of this dish got a "bag of gold". The taste of beancurd is sweet & tasty, it seems that this is one of the fastest dish that cleared off from the table too (that's why I bet that it is tasty enough to say tasty).

Cold & hot platter, I seriously not sure what is this dish called. But the taste is not bad either, people who really liked salad would enjoy this dish, because the mini "cupcakes" size is cold salad and middle of the plate is hot fried foods.

Lotus leaf fried rice, sorry for the bad & blur quality photo, some of my friend (instagram) say that this dish looks not bad. Personal opinion: I expect that this fried rice could taste really better & smell outstanding, but the sad thing is it didn't smell goods and the taste is very light. Did you tried any vegetarian "char siew"? Because the "char siew" taste should be very strong, but I wonder why the taste & smell didn't come out? Probably used a poor quality vegetarian "char siew" perhaps.

Last and not least, sea coconut dessert. Not sweet at all, very friendly towards elder generation of people.

I am so glad to join this dinner, and I hope there is more family relative dinner coming up in the future.

This vegetarian restaurant food is very friendly towards elder generation of people by looking at the dessert, probably the fried rice taste very light could be one of the same reason that I stated in this sentences. The food cost around RM 600++ for total 14 people of use in this table, I am sure it is worth for me because the amount of people, the taste was alright & my skill of eating in this table.

I eat vegetarian (not full vegetarian) since when I was kid while I stayed in my uncle house (while my parent is busy), I remembered that my uncle know how to cook vegetarian food, which is tasty. Eat vegetarian isn't a bad choice because some of the vegetarian food could feed you very well with small portion of it. It is hard to make a choice and feel sick at the same time when I imagine about cannibalism towards animal (in my brain). Think again, become vegetarian will be a correct choice haha!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. the second dish seems like a complete meal
    and i like the presentation

    but anyways the vegetarian fish seems the most scrumptious

  2. Haha :D Everything looks delicious and the photos of people waiting are a bit funny. :p

  3. does look similar huh the Yee Sang...but it won't taste the same without the unmistakable yummylicious Salmon. :p

  4. Love the presentation no doubt abt it. I often order vege food too.

  5. it's nice to have vegetarian once in a while after consuming so much of meat during the recent CNY huh?? good idea, kind of cleanse your digestive system with vegetarian??

    1. well but then that was vegetarian on the look but not vegetarian in the mind, haha!! look at those dishes, all are vegetarian made into MEAT!! guess you still love meat don't you?? why not just order pure vegetables and produce??

    2. i think all these "vegetarian meat" has added with lots of flavorings and additives to make them taste like what they look like, so better to have the dessert to be "not sweet at all" because you have eaten lots of flavorings in the dishes, haha~~

    3. i have tried this kind of vegetarian meal before, that was like 3-4 years ago for company's pre-CNY dinner.. find those dishes quite interesting and kind of enjoy eating, didn't feel like having vegetarian at all!!

  6. Still about CNY ha! Hehe.. Lou Sang is a must ho? How many yee sang did you have this CNY?

  7. i think i'll go for that meaty fish cake too... looks really appetizing to me yum yum

  8. Replies
    1. the dishes really looks like meat dish

    2. yeah yeah, if u didn't mention vegetarian, the food looks like meat dish! LOL!!

  9. lolll does not look like vegetarian at all!!

  10. LOOKS SEDAPPP.. ALTHOUGH IT'S VEGAN.. nice weh! I also wanna try!!


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