Friday, March 15, 2013

Burgers Swag! Brace yourself with The Next Youth Credit Card!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, you guys must be wonder what is this all about right? Why there is a credit card with Burger design? Actually this is a contest titled as "Feeling Creative? Your Design and Brand Name Might Be The Next Youth Credit Card!", so I decide try it!

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Basically I got no idea what to do with this contest design, then I stumble upon my blog icon and decide to use Burger as the concept of this credit card design. Brace yourself readers, because I name this credit card as "Burgers Swag!". I believe food trend nowadays is delicious & unique burger, if use this card and swipe your bill, you might get some discount and get some freebies when you dine-in to the fast food restaurant or particular burger restaurant. And also it fit for youth now a days which is bunch of busy people, rushing & no patience to wait for snail speed of food production. But it turn out to be swag by using this card, people will be wondering what kind of card that the card holder use. LOL!

Above in this post, the very first photo is the design I produce with CorelDRAW. I hope you guys like it!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. BURGER!! so cute one!! all the best yea.

  2. yeah, this design looks cool, not bad at all huh, i like it.. though didn't know it's a burger until you say it out, haha!!! all the best and good luck in the contest!!

  3. well done that was interestingly cool
    best of luck buddy

  4. Burger swag... Nice one...All the best!

  5. woww !!! that card makes me hungry !! hahaha

  6. i just love that sumptuous credit card design... very creative

  7. Hahaha! Very creative leh! Nice :)

  8. This card will give 50% discounts for all eateries serving burgers. :D

  9. Sadly, I'm over age for this! Anyhow good one!



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