Saturday, February 9, 2013

百星酒店 Hotel Deluxe (2013)

I believe that this year Chinese New Year movie content is very terrible compare with last year 2012, and I putting pretty high hope on this movie called 百星酒店 Hotel Deluxe and it turns out to be very bad and I am totally speechless with it. With many Hong Kong comedian & actor gathered to push out a very exclusive movie titled 百星酒店 Hotel Deluxe, it's actually very interesting and attracted many people wish to watch this movie in Cinema while celebrating Chinese New Year. And I bet that many people will disappoint with this movie because some actor in this movie didn't even have more than 5 minute appearance on this movie (which appeared at above the movie poster).

百星酒店 Hotel Deluxe list of casts: link
Chapman To character inside this movie was the funniest characteristic, the characteristic is dream to become actor and always look for chance to join entertainment industry.
And Ronald Cheng & Fiona Sit character from brotherhood towards lovers was miserable.

My rating: 4/10
Very harmony movie, a small unit of hotel management solve problem by uniting themselves without using huge amount of money. Mysterious hotel detective is unpredictable and story-line seems to be able to twist by using in comedy way. It seems that this movie couldn't make me laugh!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Hong Kong - making cheap crappy CNY films since 1997 lol. Lincoln review

  2. well tho the rating was pretty bad i think this was still an interesting movie
    but not that fun to watch haha

  3. i haven't watch any HK movies yet... it seems not so satisfying at all based on your reviews
    happy Chinese New Year... may you have another prosperous year

  4. Happy Chinese New Year! May you have an awesome year!



  5. Looks nice...
    Gong Xi Fa Cai !! = 0

  6. Anybody watched the movie already knows whats the song at the end of the show at Ronalds Cheng Wedding??

    1. Hello there,

      Here is the similar song link:

      Sing by 林子祥

      the title of the song in the movie is 分分钟需要你.

      Source: by Google-ing he sing "喜欢你的开朗,笑起来的摸样"

      Thanks, by Kian Fai

  7. I stopped watching Chinese movies that come out during CNY haha! They mostly sucks! : )

  8. well, will watch also even if the movie review is 4/10, since not much movie to watch liao recently~ haha

  9. Usually this type of HK CNY movie is ridiculously silly :<


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