Sunday, February 3, 2013

Flight (2012)

Now I understand the tweet from Tony, regarding about first four minute from this movie would  heavy censored in Malaysia movie cinema. Flight movie would be out around 21st February 2013 at whole Malaysia cinema, and I don't think that it is great idea to watch it on big screen because of first four minute? Just kidding, actually this story contain a very good content, (spoiler) I feel so trouble that he is keep on drinking and drinking until very last part of the movie, he admit everything and end up life imprison.

Flight list of casts: link
A man who land that plane with hundreds over soul, 4 passengers + 2 workers did not survive the air plane crush. After he awake and recovering from the injury, he couldn't stop himself from drinking alcohol.
And I mention the spoiler at first paragraph, probably he realize that he cannot put his blame on one of the victim who didn't survive from the air crush, then he admit himself and he got what he deserve.

After finish watching whole clip of this movie, I couldn't brain myself what am I actually watching. Feel kinda lost because you might end up like me watching Denzel Washington drinking around 2hours in this movie. At the same time you will watching him persuade the other crew member who survive from the air crush, tell them to told lie to the investigator. What interest me in this movie is about his addiction and expression towards alcohol, and he seriously looks like one of the hell drug / alcohol addict in this movie LOL!

My rating: 7/10
Rating change from 5 towards 7, because I finally realize what is good about this movie. Still, I would like to suggest you guys to download this movie if you wanted to watch the first 4 minute scene.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

P.S.: One thing I couldn't understand why Safe House was rated lower than this movie? Zzz (in some official movie review site)


  1. I saw my hubby watching this on his computer the other day, seems a bit boring to me.. hehe.

  2. Haha seriously? My bf got it from his friend but we haven't watch yet :/

  3. He's one of my fave actors! How come rating only 5? I'll still be watching :)

    1. Hope Singapore Censorship is not strict as Malaysia XD

  4. This is a good film. Perhaps you're probably too young at mind to understand it. ONE FC: Return of Warriors fight summaries

  5. well the plot is interesting at least
    but i guess i'll prefer to watch other movie than this

  6. It has one of the most amazing trailer ever, might plan to watch it soon!


  7. Thought this is gonna be a great movie after watching the trailer on how he landed the plane. Oh 5/10 the movie is all about being drunk from start till finish and did not become sober? Saw one movie on TV sometime months back acted by D Washington, (sorry can't remember the title) about being a bodyguard to a little rich girl also shows he bad drinking habits.


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