Friday, February 8, 2013

Blogger Lou Sang Gathering 2013 @ New Formosa Restaurant SS2

Chinese New Year is coming and I shall post this post up now because I don't want to post it after Chinese New Year as if the mood goes off just like that. I would like to thanks Jayren & Carmen for putting their effort to organize this Blogger Lou Sang Gathering (although Carmen herself didn't make it, I shall make another gathering to force her appear alright?), and it is very crowded on that night actually, one of the main reason to thank them because they reserve the table around few weeks ago.

New Formosa is one of the oldest restaurant in Petaling Jaya SS2, founded in year 1980! They serve delicious and very unique taste of Taiwanese food. Be prepared that I am going to post bunch of food photo!

宝岛鱼生 - New Formosa Yee Sang (without the raw salmon), our very first dish was Yee Sang, average taste and we really enjoyed with it.

宝岛双拼 - Two Combination, top of the plate should be 台湾著名三杯孔雀蚌 - Taiwanese Famous Three-cup New-Zealand half shell mussels, and I am not sure what is the dish name at bottom part of this plate. Fresh mussels with special taste sauce, another side I bet is crispy fried fish cake roll with seaweed.

台湾客家竹筒虾 - Steamed Tiger Prawns in Bamboo, very rich taste of soup, and the prawn wasn't promising in the mean time. I think those people who produce and sell the prawns should learn how to raise them into fat and big prawns.

佛缽飘香 - Yam Basket, contain black pepper pork and almond flakes.

烤鸭 - Roasted Duck, crispy skin with average taste, it won't be oily and smelly, it is one of the best dish that I had so far on that night.

家乡金目鲈 - Deep fried fish with Taiwanese home-style dressing, consider mild spicy dish because you can see there is a mini green chili at above photo.

发财冬菇耗士青菜 - Braised Dried Oysters, Chinese Mushrooms, Black Moss with Leafy Vegetables.

醸莲藕青菜 - Stuffed Lotus Roots with Special Fish Paste served with Leafy Vegetables.

台湾卤面 - Braised Taiwanese Noodles with White Cabbage, Shredded Pork, Shrimps and Mushrooms.

宝岛著名手工麻薯 - Taiwan famous hand-made muachi.

Our last dish was a dessert, the waiters take a very hot plate out from the kitchen, plate filled with Yam and very hot sugar. Then they dip them inside the ice-cold stash of water one by one around half minute, and put them back on another plate one by one.

宝岛特色拔丝芋头 - Formosa Special Sweet Yam, to be frank that the waiter wasn't very professional to handling the time of yam being dip in cold water, it end up someone eating the sweet yam and pop out a small complain "very hot wei!" LOL! The special sweet yam is good, because I eat the "correct" sweet yam hehe!

The final photo for Blogger Lou Sang Gathering 2013 (Photo Credit: link)
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Overall the food is satisfying, each of the dish taste very unique & authentic, I shall thanks lady boss for letting us taste the taste of Taiwan, one person pay around RM 36 with above many amount of dishes. Thanks to Jayren & Carmen for creating this gathering.

Restaurant New Formosa official website: link
Address: 46, Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03-7875-1894, 03-3291-2031/019-3353274

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. so Yummy... The roasted Duck drools me the most

  2. wow, so happy!! all the young handsome and beautiful bloggers gathered together just before CNY.. :)

    1. good choice of the restaurant huh, Taiwanese cuisine for the pre-CNY lou sang dinner!! the food looks good and special too~~

    2. i like that 佛缽飘香 烤鸭 醸莲藕青菜 手工麻薯 and lastly that very delicious looking 拔丝芋头!! at least something from what we usually have for dinner hor?? cool~~

    3. lastly, wishing you and family a happy and prosperous chinese new year, may the year of snake brings you lots of health and wealth and happiness.. :)

  3. Wah.. So much scrumptious food! Me waiting for another round of lou sang with my friends tonight!

    Here wishing you and family a happy year of snake! Pss pss pss :p

  4. Ahh reminds me of my lou sang with fellow bloggers at this restaurant too! Liked their spicy fish! Hehe.. Happy Chinese New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  5. Food looks interesting! Not eaten there a long time though.

  6. it was all seems yummy to me aside to that shell fish dish haha im just not into shell foods
    haha anyway i like how the tiger prawns is served

  7. You are welcome Kian Fai ! Nice gathering indeed ! =D

  8. Oh I have eaten here before and tasted that last dessert dish! : )

  9. Aiks the host cannot make it? LOL!
    Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to you, Kian Fai!

  10. I like the Steamed Tiger Prawns in Bamboo. Wonder where I can buy those ready-made bamboos...... I wanna make this at home. Hahaha! Happy CNY, my dear!

  11. Thanks for sharing the nice of New Formosa Restaurant. Do visit us more often ya :)

  12. This is a great blog! I do visit New Formosa Restaurant too and do write them a review in my blog. Please feel free visit it at Thanks :)


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