Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful Creatures was a movie about puppy love & fantasy, fantasy as in a group of people call themselves caster. Caster can cast magic, their power similarity with Wizard or Witch & they can cast spell without speaking any "Incantation". Talk about their magic function & setting, I remembered there is a dialog about Lena, she said that Caster is required to use wand to cast their power, but at the end Caster only use their "hand" & "mouth" to cast the magic. Not sure whether is my listening skill fail or the movie itself is fail.

Of course not forgetting to thanks Marilyn, thanks for giving me this opportunity to watch this movie! This movie will be out now (today Thursday 21/3/2013) at all the Cinema in Malaysia! And of course Malaysia censorship censored few parts of this movie which is kissing parts, so please beware about it!

Beautiful Creatures list of casts: link
Spoiler: The interesting part of this movie is when Lena kiss Ethan, Ethan lose his memory and totally forgot about his relationship between him with Lena. Ethan is trying to free Lena from the curse, then Lena learn about how to break the curse and decide to leave Ethan and that is why Lena cast memory lost spell on him. You might feel slightly boring about this movie, because some of the part is really draggy.

My rating: 6.5/10
What interest me about his movie is not only about their scene of touching moment & also not only about the part of spoiler that I mention above, is also about the excitement of the ending of this movie too! (it's like Star Wars movie and Lena yelled towards her mum: "You underestimate my power!" hahaha) But the bad thing is the villain didn't stand out that much and it looks pretty weak in this movie.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. I almost walked out of the cinema. It's Twilight with jokes.

  2. wahhh u really like the show ah? :P

  3. another magical love story huh,
    wel i heard about it but i haven't checked the trailer yet
    perhaps i'll go watch it first

  4. Very low key movie till I've never heard of it. LOL. I'm guessing it's not a good one for me.

  5. i heard this movie is not bad worr. since i love twilight, then i think i will like this movie! =P

  6. 6.5? That means still quite OK. But I read the story I already don't feel like watching haha!!

  7. Some love story could be draggy. It is meant for the girls!


  8. i saw the trailer yesterday... i find it more like twilight in a new approach... i just don't love the super cheesy love story but the effects here seems to be highly commendable

  9. I thought it was another vampire movie from the poster....

  10. I just watched it yesterday, I think it was still watchable HAHA but yeah a bit draggy at certain parts and I hate the ending! LOL


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