Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Many thanks to Mr. Ben for the movie ticket, what a mind blowing experience and it is my very first time experience with IMAX TGV at One Utama, totally mind blowing with this movie. For me, I didn't watch any Die Hard series, and this is the 5ht movie installment. By googling the information about "Die Hard Series", you can see that times really fly. From a very young Bruce Willis turn into old Bruce Willis and still kicking ass in movie entertainment industry.

A Good Day to Die Hard list of casts: link
John flew over to Russia and try to help out his son Jack, then John realize about his son job is a spy and help him to complete his mission. At the end they realize that they are in grave danger when they reach Chernobyl.

Oh wait, Chernobyl . . . it totally reminds me of Chernobyl Diaries and expecting that villains in this movie can control some monster such as radiation fish and radiation dogs LOL! (Ok, that was just kidding.) This movie is cool, showing off of effects of car crash explosion and car chasing at certain street, thank god that most of the car got exploded is visual effect and cause maximum damage, here is the link to watch behind the scene at Hungary. The best scene is in every part of the movie, Jack & John always got aim by Helicopter guns. For my gaming experience, normal people won't be surviving from the Helicopter guns and THEY SURVIVE IT! It is too fake sometimes, all you can do is open your mouth widely and stare at the screen say "sooooo fake!"

My rating: 7/10
Mind blowing experience and ear drum prepare gonna get bash by sound system if you purchase and watch it in IMAX!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. I'm going to watch this tomorrow night! :)

  2. I dunno but I am not a big fan of Bruce Willis... or neither any of the old Die Hard series hehe.

  3. die hard was i guess one of the best cation film ever made to the fact that it had reached it's fifth installment

  4. haven't watched. but i can't help laughing at the word "die hard", mati keras.

  5. 7/10, that's really a good review. Will go there for Bruce!!


  6. I am catching it this CNY break in between my work schedule...if I am not required to take last minute boring trips to the middle of nowhere...

  7. i want to watch this movie!! Bruce Willis is so yeng! :P


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