Monday, January 21, 2013

夺宝联盟 The Thieves 도둑들 (2012)

This movie is out around last year (2012) July, and I am regret and confess that I really wanted to watch this movie in big screen cinema. Majority reason what interest me about this movie is Jun Ji-hyun (전지현 / 全智贤), Angelica Lee (李心洁) & Simon Yam (任达华), and this movie take place in South Korea / Hong Kong & Macau. This movie is about stealing / criminals / romance / complicated relationship, example: last time mr. A betrayed mr. B and now mr. B is try to revenge on mr. A by stealing the rewards from mr. A.

Jun Ji-hyun (전지현 / 全智贤) in The Thieves movie.

The Thieves list of Casts: link
If you watch the whole movie, probably you would found out that there is lots of plot hole. When her boyfriend got captured by police, then there is no information about him anymore and movie continue the about the search of pilferage. The funniest about this movie is a gay scene and fight scene between Macau Park & Popeye. The main reason for me to watch this movie because of appearance of Jun Ji-hyun. This movie consider slightly exciting and very interesting story-line between thieves, would consider watch more Korea movie production IF there is any Korea movie is out in Malaysia cinema.

My rating: 6/10.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Six out if ten average only. so u watched DVD ya. well at least you don't miss out on your fav actor and actresses

  2. I am not really aware about the actors but the plot line sounds interesting... oh and if this is a Korean movie, i will definitely go for it.,I love those korean romantic comedy series so I guess this movie will not fail me at all... unless the movie didn't offer any subtitles ^_^
    have a great day kianfai and happy blogging to you

  3. Oh is it the same movie showing at Astro Best? Saw the trailer.. Not my cuppa of tea though.

  4. Watched this onboard SQ during my flight to Tokyo. Terrible dubbing.

  5. wow this seems a pretty cool movie
    though i prefer watching english movie
    i think theres a lot of great asian movies

  6. wah, fan of stunning Jun Ji-hyun. you can b a thieve to steal her love by the way... not a crime anyway.. :)


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