Thursday, December 13, 2012

Resort World Genting's Tribal Halloween Event @ Awana Genting Highlands

Hello all, I've been busy with work and many other stuff, feel so sorry for myself that didn't update this post! This event actually happen on beginning of November 2012, I would like to thanks Genting & Nuffnang for giving me opportunity to join this Halloween event. 3rd November morning, we gathered at Wisma Genting (KL) and take bus to Awana Genting Highlands.

Once I finish my lunch at Rajawali Coffee House (maybe I am the first person who finish lunch), management staff told us that some of us can go to the long house first! Feel very excited because first time sit golf cart to the long house, which is located very mysterious and not many people know about it! *mysterious*

So . . . this is the long house at Genting with Halloween decoration, which makes me kinda unusual about it. *gulp* Actually without the decoration, the long house will be very tradition and looks standard. This long house also include 4 washroom and 4 shower room for ladies and gents, toilet and shower room located at the back of the long house, which require you to walk for half minute.

The entrance "creepy" decoration for the long house, I believe Daniel definitely feel uncomfortable about this because he hate clown LOL!

I feel so uneasy when look at this decoration, because we are going to spend a night in this long house with all the Halloween decoration. Luckily on night time, some decoration got removed due to limited space usage "say Yay! for ErnestBeautiful Nara presentation!"

Here is some decoration that makes me feel uneasy as well, I heard that some of these decoration grabbed from the very famous Halloween Horror Spirits (which is very trend on Facebook and it launch for 4 days only).

Anyone wan't to mandi inside the pot? Bloody present? Or become thin as skeleton?

Overall for the long house decoration, this is the scariest among all, because the hair cover the face of mannequin makes me curious how the  mannequin looks like LOL!

Photo Credit : Nisa Fuzi (sorry that I watermark my blog link)
So there is this outdoor activity called Eco Sport Treasure Hunt, which is very tiring for those people who don't exercise often. I would like to say thanks to my team member on that day, which is being very kind with me. Because I am kinda slow when racing run with other team, and I am also glad that I did something helpful as well!

Dinner at Pasar Ikan Bakar (photo credit:
Didn't have a good dining experience in here because it makes me kinda sick when they name the food as monster food. Maybe my imagination was kinda powerful and too creative. (That's why~)
Still can't get it why it was sick for me? Click HERE!

So Ethan decide to do some cosplay also! If you know what is L4D game, then sure you know what is Ethan trying to cosplay! Rather than only talk about Ethan cosplay, many other people did a very good job on their Halloween dress up too! You can capture more detail from this post actually. After dining, there is also mini game called “猜动作” happening in Pasar Ikan Bakar (because raining, cannot run back to long house).

Soon the rain going to stop, next would be the presentation of Abang Nara and Ernest! If you went to Nuffnang Blogopolis this year, they actually explain same topic that mention in Blogopolis. Is just that there is slightly changes and they make the presentation more interesting. Then, there is this session called lucky draw, and I won myself few voucher to Theme Park and Snow World. After the presentation of 2 superstars and lucky draw session, there is movie time for us too! If no mistaken, the movie name was "Scary Movie" and I didn't catch up with it because I busy enjoying hot drinks and went to sleep.

Photo Credit : Nisa Fuzi (sorry that I watermark my blog link)
Next morning, immediately wake up by whistle and I am freezing. Then we grab our breakfast at Pasar Ikan Bakar, that time I feel so hungry and keep on eating more and more cereal (milk with Honey Star or KoKo Krunch). Then we have several activities continue again, to determine which group is the winner. Above photo capture by Nisa Fuzi phone.

Overall everything is cool, and makes me realize that I really need to diet and exercise more too! It is not easy for me to complete some task, and I try my best to complete every single task. My regret was: we play safe ALRIGHT? HAHAHAHA! I wish that I could participate more about his kind of event, by the time I might be stronger and unpredictable?
Other bloggers who attend this event: Merryn, Cindy, Daniel, Yih YannNisa Fuzi, Syafiq Ismail, Syafiq Ahadin, Eazy Izzuddin, Nuar, Jeff and more!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Hahahaha... And I was forcing the bloody 'leg' on you that time! This was fun la. where got sick? Ur imagination too good dy :)

  2. Some decors made me uneasy too, I dont think I'd go for such event, dont wanna scare myself silly :P

  3. wah, this is really an overdue post lor bro, haha!! christmas coming soon already now only blog about halloween?? or you think all these creepy things are more suitable for the doomsday on 21.12?? kekekeke~~

    1. wah, i like the deco of the long house.. the long house already looks creepy plus all those ghostly mannequin and that clown at the entrance, shyiok man!! :D

    2. looks like a fun event, sure you made friends with lots of nice people in the blogsphere..

  4. Great event..
    last time I remember i went to the genting scary house...
    I was laughing all the way.. LOL

  5. at first i thought they held that too late but then its you who have been busy,
    anyways there decoration were pretty scary indeed

  6. Compare to the real ghost, this was actually nothing.. Real ghost are far more beautiful.. And no, I never meet one.. :p.. Hey, next time U bring me as plus1 ley.. :D

  7. I was hoping to see u dressed up like Frankenstein. Hahaha! The place looks serene :)


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