Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jack Reacher (2012)

"For another moment, I think something is not right in this movie, because there is too many innocent people die in this movie. And Jack Reacher can still living normal life like a boss after end the life of the man name Zec who plan the murder all the while."

First of all, I would like to thanks ChurpChurp for the movie invite and it is good to see that I am able to produce some post for these few days! I am facing some hectic moment with my work and please bear with me! I will try my best and continue watch more movie and produce more blogpost too!

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher, he is fearless (sounds like Jackie Chan) and he is very good in investigation. A very outstanding policeman, and army soldier as well.

Rosamund Pike as Helen, the lawyer who defend for Jamess Barr. At first all she wanted to do is: lighten up his punishment and make sure he is not in death penalty.

I wonder why? There is the scene right before the old man name Cash tell him: "Reacher, you are getting rusty." That particular scene is missing, and I remember Jack Reacher tells his name to Cash is different name. And the story line is kinda cool for me, and I liked the girl called Sandy in the story . . . LOL!

My rating would be 6/10, I think I starting to enjoy longer time movie [yes, this movie kinda draggy and talked too much, similar from the movie called: The Hobbit: An Unexprected Journey (2012)]. The worst scenario for this movie is: they make Jack Reacher totally looks like Rambo / God, why? Sniper shoot him, he didn't get shoot; 2 machine gun fella try to kill him, he didn't get shoot; Face off with Charlie, he win like a baws; Face off with Zec, Zec can't pull any shits out if it and he died. If you don't wish to see Tom Cruise getting more injured but like to see him in action, this might be the best choice of the movie for CHRISTMAS SEASON! Enjoy!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. the movie is worth to pay money to watch in the cinema... good to see tom cruise with more dialogue and investigation skills then purely action

  2. nobody even knows why they're all afraid of zec. the book's probably miles better than the movie. Jack Reacher review

  3. Might consider to watch this one... After the MI4, I started to like Tom Cruise in acting, haha!

  4. fuiyohhh Rambooo. Got show off skin a?

  5. You are starting to enjoy draggy movie? Yikes!

  6. tom cruise was really great on this kind of movies haha
    actually most of his movies are

  7. Always the case hero or leading actor must never die one sort of bullets unable to hit him. Rating 6/10 huh

  8. Jack Reacher cannot die sooner has to be Jack Richer first mah

  9. hmm best choice of movie for the Christmas huh..
    I think all the girls like TC

  10. Oh didn't even know Tom Cruise is in this movie hahaha!


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