Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bondi Junction @ SetiaWalk Puchong

First of all, would like to congratulate to Willy (my teacher brother) successful open his restaurant at Puchong Setia Walk! Been there twice, I personally really love their carbonara pasta and Bondi special pizza, love their creaminess and very flavoring taste. If you stay at Puchong area, this place is definitely a place that considerable to dine in!

Cafe Bondi Junction front view.

Blackboard written with menu, and congratulate note.

The kitchen is open area, and you can see chef in action while they toss the pizza (pizza in process). Most of their pasta use the same cheese called parmigiano.

Orange juice, RM 7.

Carbonara penne, RM 13. My favorite pasta in this cafe, creamy enough to makes me craving for it again. It is damn memorable!

Pumpkin soup with pumpkin bread. I would recommend this, and remember drink it up while it is still hot. If you eat it with pumpkin bread, the flavor will go up and give the soup lots of credit.

Pizza Bondi special, RM 23. Basically the content for this pizza is very vegetarian, the cheesiness is very fine. One of the "must" order dish when you try to order pizza.

The Latte taste is alright for me, probably I only add 1 little packet of sugar in this Latte.

Arabiata Spaghetti, RM 13.
My very first time try this vegetarian pasta, rich tomato flavor mix with parmigiano cheese, which makes the pasta taste a lot more sour.

Marinara Penne, RM 15.
Seafood pasta that cooked in tomato base too, as you can see from this photo, the prawn is too tiny and I hope they can improve this soon as possible. If you are tomatoes fans, I think this and Arabiata pasta it is the list of recommendation for you, and too bad I am not tomatoes fans (except for pizza).

Beef Lasagna, a very fascinating lasagna that I ever eat. This lasagna taste good and very easy to eat, when I try to eat one shot in big portion. Unlike some other market or chain store lasagna serving is very hard to bite and the inner meat is not fresh at all. One thing I dislike about this lasagna, there is lots of green pea inside of it.

What I would like to say is: "The soup got the great taste, probably got the potential to become "top notch" order in the future for Bondi Junction  Beef Lasagna is like a wild pokemon, it won't happen in the menu everyday. For pasta, Carbonara might be the first choice if you really dislike tomatoes. For pizza, it is a very good choice if you order it as sharing portion with your friend. Lastly for drinks, you might want to order juice instead of latte if you are not coffee lover/drinker." Overall it is a very fine restaurant for me, and I hope there will be more special dish added inside the menu too!

Remember the very first time of Coffee Chemistry Cafe at Sunway Giza? The boss of Bondi Junction (Willy) is one of the person who set the menu for them, and what I heard from my friend (right now) say that CCC-Giza menu is not same as before, it turn out to be more Chinese food or what-so-ever. Want to find the very first taste of CCC-Giza food? Drop by at Bondi Junction then!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. wow, the name Bondi Junction but why no sexy ladies in bikinis and hunky guys in their trunks?? hehehe.. maybe should ask your friend to have such party one day to celebrate their achievements.. :p

    1. ooh, what kind of food do they actually serve?? italian?? cos see so many pasta and pizza.. i seldom eat carborana, first very easy to get jelak, and second very fattening also.. but don't mind if it's very delicious and to share with friends lah..

    2. orange juice RM7.00!! and the carborana is RM13.00.. sometimes i really wonder why the drinks are so expensive??

    3. so the boss is your teacher's brother, and most probably you have some special discounts when you dine there?? haha.. good woh, then you can eat lots of carborana penne already.. ooopss!! :p

  2. Omg the lasagna looks so good T__________T

  3. At first I thought you went to Sdyney, Bondi beach.. hehe :P

    Anyway, the pizza looks great~

  4. every dish seems so perfect and scrumptious yum yum
    and the drinks as well too

  5. congrats to your brother.. can we get some free food? XD

    1. It is congrats to my Teacher-Brother, your speed reading fail? :)

  6. Lasagna! OMG! I'm dying already... :(

  7. Was having the same thoughts like SK expecting to see what we normally see at Bondi but instead of boobs we got great soup, pizza & pasta replaced the bra hahaha.

  8. Whoa love the Carbonara penne & Pizza Bondi special yummy! Oh yeah one of the 'must' order. tQ

  9. OOhh Bondi Junction! The real Bondi Junction is here in Sydney! Hehe
    Congrats to your teacher's brother on the new restaurant! I can see that the carbonara and lasagne are going to be popular hits!

  10. The name sounds cool! It's nice to have a friend who owns a restaurant :)


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