Monday, September 24, 2012

My first day of Raya (2012)

Hello! I know is dam late to post about my Raya right now! I don't care because I would love to share some photo and the content on my blog! This is also my very first time go to my friend house for Hari Raya celebration, thanks to Alisha (my secondary school friend) for the invites and lets keep in touch always. Alisha is my "sister" because she is one day older than me, and I use to call her "Kakak" and she call me "Adikku" LOL!

Today, I really miss all the Raya cookies already.

Some chocolate brownies.

Carrot cakes (homemade).

Telur rebus, dried curry beef, ketupat pulut, & curry chicken with special recipe.

There is also asam laksa too! Thanks to Alisha mum who cook all of the food for us during Raya Celebration.

Right after eating session, then we begin karaoke session + chit-chat session. From afternoon til night around 8pm or 9pm. Second day of Raya I went to visit Azrul (my secondary school friend), and stay there from noon til evening. Hari Raya this year for me, is those days that totally unforgettable and I feel so very happy about it. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Uhm...Asam Laksa. Now you got me hungry! haha!

  2. Now only blog bout Raya ar? Hehe....
    All the kuih raya is making me drool....

  3. Wah! Looking at the choc brownies and carrot cake makes me hungry!! I want assam laksa too! : D

  4. Never a huge fan of Raya food but it's something different once in a while I guess =) Kepong Gangster review

  5. I just sleep at home during raya.. :D..

  6. wah, i thought Hari Raya already over for almost a month?? this is such a long overdue post, haha!!

    1. LOVE ALL THOSE FOOD!! the kuih raya as well as the chocolate brownies and the carrot cake (western style not chinese style, haha!!)..

    2. you good lah, can go to raya open house and makan makan makan~~ haha!! :D

  7. well its better late than never \:p

  8. they all looks scrumptious especially that brownies yumyum yum


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