Friday, September 21, 2012

Holiday Villa 25th Anniversary Open House

Holiday Villa 25th Anniversary happening on 29th August 2012 (last month), at The Victorian. Would like to show my gratitude and appreciation to Holiday Villa, thanks for the invite, seriously appreciate it. Suppose to state the watermark as 25th Anniversary Open House, because it is still in Raya season. The Open House theme is buffet, the most tradition way with different culture of foods.

Friendly greet from Holiday Villa worker, show them the invitation e-card and proceed to The Victorian.

Stage performance that invited by Holiday Villa, from different location of Malaysia.

Chicken that hang up at Chicken Rice counter, I remember I eat 2 rounds of chicken rice because it is so tasty that couldn't stop myself to grab it.

Drinks of the night.

The grilled beef, left side is half cook and right side is well cooked . . . I prefer left side yo! Easy to consume!

Some roti: forgot the name lol (Left) and Siew Mai - Dim Sum! The Siew Mai taste very nostalgia and really delicious!

At the buffet, I am allowed to mix and match my very own chicken rice! That's why I can't stop myself and grab for more!

Finger food and sweet food . . . man I feel like I am in heaven, and those food taste is fine . . . (because I eat too much already LOL)

Door gift by Holiday Villa, I thought it was Pen . . . the content inside this gift is mini spoon, fork and chopstick.

Once again, thanks for the invite from Holiday Villa for this open house event and I really appreciate it. It is cool to let me realize that I should appreciate food (when I was really hungry). Really wish to taste the Dim Sum and Chicken Rice . . .

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. I thought u're getting a staycation there. Lol! The food is making me hungry, dear!

  2. wow you are a fans of chicken rice?? somemore two plates ah?? like that where got quota to try other things leh??

    1. the grilled beef looks good, but like you also, i would prefer the well done one on the right.. i don't fancy bloody ones~~ :D

    2. so nice lor you're invited to such a great event.. can eat and also bring back something home, hahaha!! 又食又拎 :p

  3. the roast chicken looks delicious..
    If I were there I will take 3 rounds

  4. Gosh.. the invitation does say you can bring plus one didn't they?? next time, food event, bring me.. We gonna rock the world.. :p..

  5. nice event foods looks pretty delicious

  6. 25 years huh they must be really good

  7. haha! i also thought they give pen lor! =P

  8. Makan saja kah?
    No stay?
    Where got open like that? LOL

    1. there is many other food hahaha, too many different food section and decide to stick with 1 or 2 section lol


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