Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Noel Gifts hosts 'Buka Puasa with Chef Ismail'

Noel Gifts Malaysia is an established specialist gift company with 37 years experience offering and extensive range of hampers, floral creations and gifts. Noel Gifts Malaysia is a fully owned subsidiary of Noel Gifts International Ltd, a public listed company in Singapore. Noel brand has been in Malaysia since year 1991.

Last month on 23th July, I get to invite into this event called Noel Gifts hosts 'Buka Puasa with Chef Ismail'. I feel so proud about it, because I get to understand more about Noel. Each of their product packaging is unique, the content inside their hamper is also rich and top notch!

High quality dates all the way from U.S. California, which I never taste before! I dare say it is awesome!

Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail located at Bangsar Park, right behind Dataran Maybank. While you enjoying your food, you also get to enjoy the tradition music as well.

My plate of foods, taste was good and spicy.

Bubur Lambuk, with external taste of pepper.

Mr Alfred Wong giving his speech and presentation, founder of Noel Gifts International.

Miss Grace Fong, General Manager of Noel Gifts Malaysia.

Keith Wong, Group Sales Manager. Explaining the content of the product, specialty and uniqueness about their product.

Live demonstration for product packaging with Miss Karin Tan and Chef Ismail at outdoor stage.

The best gifts I get from Noel Gifts itself, those brownies / cookies / chocolate was very tasty. (For maintaining the temperature, please keep inside the fridge! LOL!)

Website for Noel Gifts: http://www.noel.com.my, Facebook: http://fb.com/noelgifts
Interest buying gifts for your friends and family? Got no idea what to buy?
Ever since I know about Noel Gifts, and sampling their top notch quality gifts to me. I was very impress and got the idea what I should buy for my friends and family, Noel gifts may be one of the option in my mind right now.

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. Noel Gifts Malaysia?? never heard of this, and didn't know it is an established specialist gift company with 37 years experience!! oh, i'm so ignorant!!!

    1. i rarely buy hampers, if want to buy will probably go to supermarkets and get one, convenient and cheap, hahaha!!

    2. wow, looks like you had a great time there being sp****red for this post for nice food and a great hamper huh?? :)

    3. yes, i really mean the very NICE hamper!! i've tried those cookies before, those brands are imported from europe (of course quite expensive too), very very nice!!!

    4. the Pepperridge Farm range of cookies are my favorite, also the Bahlsen and Swiss Delice, at least RM10 a packet.. woot woot, not bad you are given that for attending their event..

  2. I also not aware that Noel is doing gift hamper.
    It is another alternative

  3. Paiseh I dint know about this brand.... hehe :P

  4. well either most ppl are so damn clueless about this or they are in big trouble. since they have been around for so many years then I guess we are the ones that is ignorant...thanks for letting me know..lol.

  5. I used to order from Noel, it's a reputable brand here in S'pore. Nice goodie bag!

  6. wah the bubur lambuk looks like Tang Sui XD damn thick gravy

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  7. Never heard of this Noel gifts before :S First time seeing bubur lambuk as well, apa itu? o_O

  8. waa! nice event!! i never been to any buka puasa events though :O

  9. Oh, first time I heard of this Noel Gifts. But all I care about is your plate of food.Yummy! Haha!


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