Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How I Step Up With Nuffnang

Question: How would you organize your flash mob?

Idea: my flash mob is to gather group of passion salsa dancers (which is include me myself), and blend them into crowd and do a time freeze with absolute no sound/voice for 10second. After that there is a music roll in and start with excitement dance, and sweat the whole crowd!

Concept: venue would be in Kuala Lumpur International Airport! Some of the tourist is still unfamiliar with Malaysia, and they might think that Malaysian is not friendly. To solve this matter, my idea would be very useful. The most important thing is the dancer need to smile and friendly, and wear some cheerful + hot outfit!

Are you ready for Salsa with me and give a warm welcome to our beloved tourist who visit in Malaysia? Ask me how! And we organize in KLIA SOON!

I hope you all like my idea and please pray for me! It is for contest purpose!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. ok, I'll be your partner.. :p

  2. haha.. u and AKI salsa-ing will be EPIC!!

  3. So you start dancing soon! LOL
    I would love to watch you sashay away!

    1. Hahahha so . . . would you wanna sashay with me? XD

  4. Oh I'm starting to love Nuffnang too.. it's been very active recently especially when it comes to advance movie screening

  5. good luck to this contest bro... I wish all the best

  6. have agreat day and happy blogging my friend

  7. "kek shou"? Wanna do flash mob? :D

  8. makesure post up the video here when you do :)

  9. Haha! I wanna see you do the salsa!! : D

  10. that girl on that picture gives me an puchy feeling lol
    hmm im not familliar with dances honestly
    anyways goodluck

  11. I'll be your partner in crime if you can fly me over :p

  12. Salsa is such a sexy dance.. But I definitely cant.. I scared my pinggang break. Muahaha.. I'll just fill up the spectator side of the floor, if this mob is ever going to happen.. Hehe..

    Good luck with the contest!


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