Thursday, June 28, 2012

Master of Play - 心戰 (Drama Series 2012)

Master of Play - 心战 is one of the latest TVB Drama on air right now, total of 30 episode, why I wanted to write about "how I think about this drama?" because the major reason is the story-line are way too interesting and pathetic.

It is glad that Adam Cheng 郑少秋 appear in this TVB drama, and his character in this drama was way too sad. He believe that his daughter is still alive and always investigate where / how is her daughter, and he is a actor himself in this drama.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Brave (2012)

Hello! Would love to say Thanks to Nuffnang for the movie ticket with appreciation. Brave is one of the interesting movie for me because I haven't watch any trailer about Brave at all, and I would expect some myth tale appear in this movie such as tame unicorn and slay dragon!

Merida voice by Kelly Macdonald, Fergus voice by Billy Connolly, and Elinor voice by Emma Thompson. Merida was very good in Archery and act like man with no feminine at all, her dad Fergus is King of the kingdom and Elinor is wife of Fergus.

Friday, June 22, 2012

If you were given a chance . . .

Question: If I given a chance, what animal/living being superpowers would I want to get?
This post is a contest for this link, you better take part as soon as possible too!

For me, I would love to gain Power from Chameleon.
Chameleon is steadily holding tree branch.
Why Chameleon? When I was kid, I listen teacher explain how Chameleon ability works. Teacher once told me that Chameleon will change the skin color while they detect any sign of danger. The truth is Chameleon can change their skin color with their flexible body temp.

When I got mission without knowing enemy power, I can blend myself with the environment and become invisible! Opps! Picture above is showing wrong example lol! Did you guys ever see how Chameleon walk? They can walk very slow and soft, without let anyone noticing their existence.

Well, this is called Jackson's Chameleon, one of the species of Chamaeleonidae. Don't mess with it alright, you might get very hurt with those Tri-Horn attack from this Chameleon. Allow me to add in this ability if I got a chance that fully utilize Chameleon power lol, damm . . . now it can become some other cartoon series which is allow to boost up the power of main character.

There is so much study on Chameleon, and I wish my power of Chameleon can utilize into no limit. (Above Chameleon looks very mysterious and Vodoo-ish!)
So my final conclusion is: I wish to have ability that make me Invisible, Exceptional Ninja Skill, and Ultimate Tri-Horn attack! Hope above those ability can help me win the heart of Amazing Spider-Man!

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)

Good day to all of my reader, finally come out something exciting and historical movie post for my latest update. When I heard the name of movie title, it makes me sounds really excited for me, because I didn't know that Mr. Abraham Lincoln got a side job while he himself is a President of United States. Actually this movie is describing how Mr. Abraham Lincoln become Vampire Hunter and what is the true story and motive about Vampire roaming around in United States.

Benjamin Walker as Mr. Abraham Lincoln, this is the older version of Abraham Lincoln as a President of United States while he is giving speeches to the audience.