Saturday, May 5, 2012

ClickClickCulinary Creation Culture - Fusion

This photo is so "behind the scene" LOL!
First of all, would like to post this super late post which is happening on month of December, 2011 (if no mistaken). I was kind of lazy, so . . . please forgive me okays! What so special about this food session is that 2 bowl of sauce!

Creamy Carrot Soup, I remember this soup is more to hot element, and very silky too.

The drinks, name Herbiéto, a very unique taste like ice-cream soda.

Polenta Crusted Stuffed Chicken with Curry Leaf Mushrooms with Creamy Butter (Lai Yau) Spaghetti and Thai Style Salad served with Curry Sauce and Wasabi Mayo. The best thing about this dish, is Crusted Chicken and the sauce, which make me miss them alot. Will request Chef Edwin cook for me some other days! LOL!

The dessert, Pineapple Dry Ice Cream and Cream Cheese Parfait with Chocolate Tabasco. Chef Edwin did let me taste the Chocolate Tabasco, seriously it is not a joke that Chocolate Tabasco is kind of spicy too! Pineapple Dry Ice Cream was awesome because: while the Ice Cream stay inside your mouth, will have a effect like "bzzzzzzzzt". (due to Dry Ice Effect and instant frost the Ice Cream while making it)

Chef Edwin and Ice-Cream in making.

Soooo Cool!

Chef Edwin is showing off his cutting skill, please do not learn this at home, because Chef Edwin really skillful and well trained.

I would like to show my gratitude to Chef Edwin, Carmen and Elwyn, have this mini "Fine Dinning" session together and try out his cook. Hope in future will have the chance to try out his food and I think he will invent some special creamy sauce and food to temp me haha! (Who knows?)

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.

Name of the Foods & Photo Credit: Click Click Culinary (Facebookpost) & Carmen Wong (post)


  1. Wah the ice cream making is really cool!
    Have a nice weekend ya!

  2. wahh!! i wanna try the ice creamm!!! yeeeekk!!>.<

  3. Wah enjoyed a really elegant dinner lah you.


  4. that's yummy dinner...and having your ice cream made smack in front of you is so cool!

  5. wow, what a backdated post, almost half a year already!! tsk tsk tsk..

  6. like that you no good at all lah.. people do that with 200% heart and invited you, now only you blog about it.. next time who want to invite you, you say??? :p

  7. wah, this Chef Edwin is really a chef ah?? so professional.. look at all those dishes, and he even made ice cream himself from scratch?? fuyoh~~

  8. although just one dish and an ice cream, but i can see his effort lah.. and the names of the dish so looooooooooooooooooooong!! hahaha, the longer the more sophisticated and more high-class!! :p

  9. chocolate tabasco or tabasco chocolate?? hehehe, you mean the chocolate sauce he used to decorate the plate?? i seen tabasco chocolate before woh, not here lah, in UK..

  10. my friend bought for me from a cafe in UK one.. they made their own chocolate and add in exotic ingredients.. like lemon & pepper chocolate, chili chocolate, tabasco chocolate etc.. quite nice one..

  11. wow so cool! :) i like the creamy carrot!

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  12. the ice cream making if really cold ..
    can see the smoke come out..
    chocolate tabasco.. kinda weird combination huh...

  13. Wah! I want the ice creams! : )

  14. sad i didnt go for this :(.. cries

  15. I'd love to try the Chocolate Tabasco! So fun!

  16. Yor the ice cream making process is so cool!
    I like their name oso clickclick hahaha

  17. nice write up Kian Fai :P

    @isaac - your lost xD


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