Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tiger Asian Music Festival 亚洲音乐节 #TigerAMF (2012)

#TigerAMF is happening on last Saturday at Sunway Lagoon, I would like to tell you guys that it is very crowded and pack with full of people! The crowd is unbelievable you see, and I will make this post as simple as possible alright!

This #TigerAMF is happening at Sunway Lagoon, right behind Sunway Hotel & Sunway Pyramid. (This picture taken during almost end of the concert with my Blackberry.)

At first I got no idea where is Cabana area, then wandering around free standing area and snap a picture lol.

The concert entrance is 6.30pm, within a short time period it gather up tons of people! Above is 7pm and below is almost 8pm ++. (My camera not so good in night time zzz) And the crowd almost fill up the beach side too!

Me and my lucky guest on that night, there is a chair for us! *successkid.jpg*

There is 5 - 6 Cabana Booth at the right hand side of the big stage and each booth got 1 girl who serve us the beers and the balloon sticks. Here is our girl who is work for Tiger Beer Event. Cheers and Peace Yo!

Our beer and the balloon sticks to cheer on the artist that we liked the most!

There is so many cans of beer in our booth ice box! I wish I can pack it all back to home and I decide not to do it, because I cant drink that much.

I wish JAM HSIAO 萧敬腾 could have sing more song to us! I think he only sing 3 - 4 songs, which is remarkable and remembered by all of us. Other artist was doing good job and I didn't really pay attention to last 3 artist perform, maybe I was too tipsy and tired.

Overall, I would wish to Thanks Nuffnang, Tiger and Durex for the Cabana Booth Ticket and lets cheers and party on next year #TigerAMF alright?

Thanks for reading, by Kian Fai.


  1. lol so good eh still got tiger lady to serve u. =p

  2. wah!!! so nice bro.. got a nice ah moi sitting inside special seat with you together woh!!

  3. somemore there was a hot babe serving your tiger beers!! fuyoh, no wonder you have so much fun~~

  4. you went there just to see Jam Hsiao ah?? how come only his photo there??

  5. where are the photos of the other performers?? like Paul Wong and Kah Keung??

    1. lazy to take other people photo :P :P :P

  6. i went to Sunway once to see 側田 (free ticket).. errr, but i don't really like this venue to hold concert lor..

  7. My hubby would drink those Tiger like nobody's business if he was there, LOL :D

  8. I wish to go, no transport stop me from going...haizzzzz

  9. big fans of jam hsiao? lots of people there eh!

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  10. Hot!hot!hot! after that, tired.....LOL

  11. you certainly had fun! i opted for a food trail weekend and I am glad I have folks like you to put up pics to tell me what happened that night:D

  12. Eh only Jam Hsiao's pics?
    What about others? :)

  13. Freeflow kah bro? Why never call me join? :)

  14. U're a fan of Jam Hsiao ar?? :) btw, thanks for ur wish in my blog post yeah, really appreciate it! =D

  15. Travel the world but not been to Sunway Lagoon. Lol! So did u get yourself drunk with all the beer?? My turn to tempt u with some Food & Wine Amour!


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